Calculating Container Shipping Time

When ordering from China, it is important to plan ahead when sending products by sea freight.  We have compiled the below list, indicating sailing time to some major ports we ship to ex. Hong Kong.

Please note the port of loading taken as reference here is Hong Kong, but the ODM group also ships out of Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen and other ports.

Sailing time will only vary by only 2/3 days depending on the actual port of departure in China.

  • Australia, Dampier 9 days
  • Australia, Sydney 15 days
  • Belgium, Antwerp 30 days
  • Brazil, Rio De Janeiro 31 days
  • Canada, Toronto 36 days
  • Chile, San Antonio 31 days
  • China, Shanghai 3 days
  • Colombia, Santa Marta 29 days
  • Denmark, Copenhagen 31 days
  • Finland, Helsinki 32 days
  • France, Marseilles 24 days
  • Germany, Hamburg 30 days
  • Germany, Bremen/Bremerhaven 30 days
  • India, Jawaharlal Nehru 12 days
  • Israel, Tel-Aviv 20 days
  • Italy, Palermo 23 days
  • Japan, Nagoya 5 days
  • Lebanon, Beirut 21 days
  • Madagascar, Suarez 16 days
  • Malaysa, Tanjung Pelepas  5 days
  • Mexico, Veracruz 33 days
  • Morocco, Casablanca 26 days
  • Netherlands, Rotterdam 30 days
  • Netherlands, Amsterdam 30 days
  • New Zealand, Auckland 16 days
  • Norway, Oslo 31 days
  • Pakistan, Karachi 14 days
  • Poland, Gdynia 31 days
  • Portugal, Porto 27 days
  • Puerto Rico, San Juan 31 days
  • Russia, Magadan 9 days
  • Singapore, Singapore 5 days
  • South Africa, Cape Town 21 days
  • Spain, Las Palmas 28 days
  • Sweden, Stockholm 32 days
  • Taiwan, Keelung 2 days
  • Tunisia, Tunis 23 days
  • Turkey, Istanbul 22 days
  • Ukraine,Odessa 23 days
  • United Arab Emirates, Dubai 15 days
  • United Kingdom, London 29 days
  • United States, Los Angeles 20 days
  • United States, Long Beach 20 days
  • United States, Houston 32 days
  • United States, New York/New Jersey 34 days
  • Uruguay, Montevideo 32 days


For other ports of discharge, not mentioned above, or for other ports of loading, please click here for a calculator.  Please send us a comment and we will add your ports to this list. Please note also that the Freight times do not take into account further delays which may occur such as:

  • Getting products to port a few days before sailing for clearance in China.  Count 2-3 days extra
  • Waiting until the next available vessel departs (there is probably not a departure every day to your port of choice)
  • Customs clearance in your country (count 3-5 days for safety.)
  • Internal Trucking in your country. (count 3-5 days for safety.)

Please also check our blogs on Incoterms for more info on Freight calculations as well as our blog on National holidays where there might be further delays.

See also our blogs on Incotermscalculating air freight, how many products fit in a container, Hazardous materials, & Pre-shipment QC.

Shipping time (in days) from Hong Kong to:


Keelung:2Shanghai:3Nagoya:5Tanjung Pelepas:5Singapore:5Dampier:9Magadan:9Jawaharlal Nehru:12Karachi:14Sydney:15Dubai:15Suarez:16Auckland:16Tel-Aviv:20Los Angeles:20Long Beach:20Beirut:21Cape Town:21Istanbul:22Palermo:23Tunis:23Odessa:23Marseilles:24Casablanca:26Porto:27Las Palmas:28Santa Marta:29London:29Antwerp:30Hamburg:30Bremen/Bremerhaven:30Rotterdam:30Amsterdam:30Rio De Janeiro:31San Antonio:31Copenhagen:31Oslo:31Gdynia:31San Juan:31Helsinki:32Stockholm:32Houston:32Montevideo:32Veracruz:33New York/New Jersey:34Toronto:36


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