Get new marketing ideas using crowdsourcing technology

Crowdsourcing is becoming more and more popular. Companies use it to solve various problems in business and to find new creative solutions. Using crowdsourcing in marketing and advertising is an excellent idea. Many well-known companies successfully use this marketing tool for their promotional campaigns.

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Crowdsourcing as a marketing tool

Crowdsourcing were previously only used by large companies until recently. However, now with well developed internet connections crowdsourcing has become available to small businesses as well! Such companies often face the problem of having a lack of resources, especially finances. For a small or individual entrepreneur this marketing tool can be a very useful way to get a lot of new ideas, successful business solutions, as well as options for the development of their business.

In other words, crowdsourcing helps companies to get fresh interesting ideas for free. Crowdsourcing technology gives you an access to the intellect and ideas of a large group of people, who all possess a nonstandard and unique point of view.

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Crowdsourcing as a marketing tool

There are a lot of famous companies who use crowdsourcing regularly. For example, Starbucks, Nokia, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Heineken and others. Get inspired with their successful marketing ideas and improve your advertising campaign.

How famous companies use crowdsourcing

One of the largest crowdsourcing projects in 2013 was conducted by a famous beer company Heineken. Heineken celebrated their 140th anniversary and hold a contest, called “Your Future Bottle”. Participants had to create a new design concept of package for the drink. Facebook users from all over the world could participate in the competition simply using special application. As a result, thirty finalists were selected by voting, and their creation was public displayed at the Milan Design Week. Design, which was recognized by public as the best, is going to be used for limited edition Heineken 2013-2014 year. The five best works of this contest on the photo below.

your future bottle 02 320x252 Get new marketing ideas using crowdsourcing technology

Five best works of Heineken crowdsourcing contest

In 2007 Pepsi launched a marketing campaign that offers consumers to create promo packaging of cans Pepsi. Reward of the winner was $ 10 000. Also their work was printed at 500 million cans of Pepsi throughout the United States.

pepsi 320x490 Get new marketing ideas using crowdsourcing technology

New design of Pepsi can. Result of crowdsourcing

Why crowdsourcing can become a successful marketing tool for your company

The crowdsourcing has a lot of advantages. It allows the company to involve a huge amount of people in the project! That means the organizers gets a large number of different ideas at the end of the crowdsourcing progress.  Often crowdsourcing has no regional boundaries and therefore it can involve people from different continents who have different cultures and different mentalities. This makes the results very unique, creative and widely successful when implemented!

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