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When manufacturing promotional goods in China you may be asked to provide the supplier with a Brand Authorization letter. Such a document is necessary for established brands to export products from China and import into the market. Customs departments need these to stop counterfeits and protect your brand.

We would like to share with you a sample of the Mindsparkz brand authorization letter as in the picture below.

Brand Authorization Letter

Brand Authorization Letter

Below is a template of the brand authorization letter, which should be written using the company’s letterhead. The text in bold can be changed accordingly.


10 August 2015

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to confirm that ODM Asia Ltd (Hung Chu Building, Office 4A – Jiuzhou Avenue – Zhuhai, China) is a supplier of our company and is authorized to produce promotional merchandise using the branding for Mindsparkz on the following products: power banks, aluminum card holders.

We understand that these items will be manufactured and shipped out from China.

This confirmation is valid until 31st December 2015.

For any queries relating to this letter please contact me at luke@mindsparkz.com.

Yours sincerely,

Why a brand authorization letter is required?

Basically, if you are a promotional agency and you are manufacturing merchandise for big corporate brands like Nestlé, you are always required to have some kind of legal document proving that the brand itself has entitled your entity to manufacture products with their brand name.

In our promotional merchandise industry, we have seen tons of delays in customs of destination countries as this document is one of the mandated paperwork to go through custom clearance. This document logically needs to be signed and stamped to make it an official document.

Next time you are shipping out merchandise, apart from having all the shipping documents required (packing lists, commercial invoice and bill of lading), make sure you are also aware if you will require these kind of brand authorisation letter to avoid any delays in delivery.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries, we will be glad to assist.