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What is the China Timezone and Hong Kong Timezone? 2012-11-28T15:04:53+00:00

If you plan to contact factories in China, why not check the China Timezone to avoid disappointment.  Working hours typically start early in China.


Since ODM have clients all around the world, we frequently take calls from clients either early in the morning or late at night.   The Time & Date database is a great tool for checking which times would be mutually best to minimise jet lag and pick the best time for a call.

Why not use this planner for selecting a good meeting time for all participants?

China Timezone - Meeting Planner

China Timezone – Meeting Planner

What tips do you have for working with the China Timezone?

If you manage a range of suppliers and clients time zone differences can be a major source of confusion and miscommunication. Here are a few of the lessons from ODM about dealing in multiple time zones that may help you stay in sync with your team.

  • Note the Time Zone on meeting schedules
  • Watch out for Daylight saving time
  • Be kind and considerate with all scheduling