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Holidays in China 2010-06-12T04:35:57+00:00

There are currently seven official public holidays in the mainland territory of the People’s Republic of China. In all these holidays, if the holiday lands on a weekend, the days will be reimbursed after the weekend.

DateEnglish nameLocal nameRemarks
January 1New Year元旦 
1st day of 1st lunar monthSpring Festival (Chinese New Year)春节Based on Chinese calendar
15th day of 1st lunar monthLantern Festival元宵节Based on Chinese calendar
2nd day of 2nd lunar monthZhonghe Festival (Dragon Raising its Head)中和节Based on Chinese calendar
March 8International Women’s Day国际妇女节 
March 12Arbor Day植树节Also known as National Tree Planting Day (全民义务植树日)
5th Solar Term (usually April 4–6)Qingming Festival (Chinese Memorial Day)清明节Based on the Jieqi Qingming.
May 1Labour Day劳动节International Workers’ Day
May 4Youth Day青年节Commemorating the May Fourth Movement
June 1Children’s Day六一儿童节 
5th day of 5th lunar monthDragon Boat Festival (Duanwujie)端午节Based on Chinese calendar
July 1CPC Founding Day建党节Formation of 1st National Congress on July 1, 1921
July 11Maritime Day中国航海日The anniversary of Zheng He’s first voyage
August 1Army Day建军节Nanchang Uprising (南昌起义) on August 1, 1927
7th day of 7th lunar monthDouble Seven Festival七夕The Chinese Valentine’s Day, based on Chinese calendar
15th day of 7th lunar monthSpirit Festival (Ghost Festival)中元节Based on Chinese calendar
15th day of 8th lunar monthMid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival)中秋节Based on Chinese calendar
October 1National Day国庆节Founding of PRC on October 1, 1949
9th day of 9th lunar monthChongyang Festival重阳节Based on Chinese calendar. Observed as the Chinese version of Valentine.