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Marketing Gift by Diapers.com.sg: Flash Cards

Diapers.com.sg is currently offering WINKtoLEARN English flash cards beginner 1 as a marketing gift. This offer is valid from 5 March 2013 to 5 April 2013. Simply purchase any Speak and Read or Animal Adventurer DVD set from diapers.com.sg and the flash cards, worth $19.90, would be yours! So what are you waiting for? Hurry visit diapers.com.sg now to place your order! While stocks last!

Marketing Gift by Diapers.com.sg - Flash Cards

Marketing Gift by Diapers.com.sg – Flash Cards

Diapers.com.sg is a Singapore website that brings you only high quality baby and maternity products. Their products are aimed at providing babies the best as they feel that healthy babies would mean happy mums.

Why did Diapers.com.sg use these flash cards as a marketing gift?

These flash cards are a great marketing gift for parents as they are the perfect combination to go with the Speak and Read or Animal Adventurer DVD set. With this marketing gift, parents can teach their children English while they are learning with the Speak and Read DVD set. This also helps to save extra costs so that parents would not have to spend extra money to buy English flash cards to teach their children if they don’t already have one. Other brands like Mothercare and Pampers can also make use of these flash cards as a marketing gift.

How can these flash cards help to increase sales for Diapers.com.sg?

As diapers.com.sg is an online shop, less people would hear about it as compared to brands with a physical shop front. Using these flash cards as a marketing gift helps to expose more people to the brand name, thus helping to boost brand awareness. When parents gather with their friends use the flash cards, other parents may ask them where they got the WINKtoLEARN English flash cards from. This would help to spread the brand name through word of mouth which is the most efficient method as compared to the other advertising tools. As more people come to know of the brand name, it would help to generate sales for diapers.com.sg in the long run.