Looking for a unique way to promote your products or venue? Is your business in a slump? Then this brilliant venue marketing idea might work for you. Introducing this advertising menu power bank!

Advertising Menu Power Bank

Advertising Menu Power Bank

Marketing a restaurant, coffee shop, or bar can be a bit challenging. Even though you have great food and interior, your business is often overlook because there is just so many competitors out there. What better way to add a touch of uniqueness to your venue than to use this innovative menu stand with built-in power bank?


Who Can Use this Advertising Menu Power Bank?

This menu power bank doubles as a table POS display for bars, restaurants, and hotels, making it ideal for venue marketing. It has 4 USB ports, an acrylic display with changeable adverts, and a calling system. On the other hand, the base of the advertising menu serves as the power bank outlet.

Advertising Menu Power Bank

Advertising Menu Power Bank

You can customize the logo as you need. There is a space for printing your logo and brand name on. It also has LED light indicator when charging.

This 2-in-1 POS display is a clever move because it combines the functionality of a power bank and the effectiveness of a marketing POS display. So, are you ready to customize your own advertising bar menu power bank? Here are the reasons you should invest in this product.


Why Use an Advertising Menu Power Bank

Customer Retention – Everyone is connected on social media nowadays, so having a power bank is a must. However, not everyone will remember to pack a charger before they leave their house. Customers would appreciate it if you have a charging station in your shop that will allow them to power up their devices while waiting for their drinks or food to come. This is a win-win for you and the customers.

Positive Feedback – It is always nice to offer customers extra services such as free wifi and charging stations. Not only will they come for the food but for the great services offered by your shop. Furthermore, some customers might even take photos of your unique custom menu power bank and upload them to social media. This may help your brand increase your exposure even online!

Advertising Menu Power Bank

Advertising Menu Power Bank

Increase in Sales – Nobody wants to run out of battery juice when they are in the middle of an important phone call. It can be very frustrating. But with this menu power bank, customers can relax a bit and sip a cup of coffee, while waiting for their device to recharge. Happy customers will surely come again and even recommend your place to their friends and family.

Be the Talk of the Town –  Point of sale displays are designed to promote new products, inform customers of ongoing promotions, and stimulate impulse purchases. However, you need not stick to the standard POS display design. What you need is something that would spice up your marketing game. By incorporating this advertising menu power bank into your marketing mix, you are setting a trend that both the young and adult can embrace.

Cost-Efficient and Long Lasting – The advertising menu power bank may be a bit pricier than the usual menu stand but the marketing benefits may far outweigh the production cost.


Celebrating Burger Day with Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Advertising Menu Power Stand

Burger Day

August 27 is Burger Day! Here are some promotional ideas to boost your restaurant or food marketing!

Food Shape purses and bags make great redemption gifts to boost sales!

Serve food in these interesting snack trays with cups!

Boost your outdoor promotions with a chalkboard display!


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