Impress your customers with these eco-friendly custom paper bags for business! By using these paper-based bags, you are making an important statement about your brand since these are biodegradable and recyclable. It is an innovative idea in the sense that people have more eco-friendly options now more than ever.

Here, you’ll see a bunch of styles and colors. There’s backpack, drawstring, pouch, sling bag, and hand bag. But is this promotional product idea right for you?

Custom Paper Bags for Business

Custom Paper Bags for Business

Custom Paper Bags for Business: Does Your Brand Need Them?

Bags are are among the widely-used promotional merchandise because of its flexibility and practicality. In fact, so many brands had found success in utilizing bags as promotional gifts, marketing gwp, and business giveaways. We have posted about cork bags and kraft paper backpacks before. However, people are always looking for ways to stand out. So this one is really a great custom promotional merchandise option. Here are the benefits of using custom paper bags for business:

  • Exposure: With these bags your brand gains massive exposure on the streets. Bags are always in use at work, school, and office. As such, a custom promotional bag can serve as a mobile advertisement for your company. It’s cost-effective yet reaches a wide range of audience in the streets.


  • Upholds Brand Image: These paper-based bags are made from sustainable materials that is why they are highly biodegradable and eco-friendly. Even though the bags are made from paper, they are durable. Offering these bags shows that you, as a company, are thinking of ways to help the environment, one bag at a time. As a result, not only will you get the attention of shoppers, but you will also earn their trust and loyalty.
Custom Paper Bags for Business

Custom Paper Bags for Business

  • Branding Opportunity: These bags have wide space to print logos and brand names on. They offer a convenient brand placement that allows you to gain attention and raise brand awareness. As these bags come in different colors, styles and shapes and sizes, you have better options for customization.


  • Effective Brand Message: Marketing managers can use these bags as their own billboards as they can print anything onto the material. Aside from retail business, bags are also ideal for promoting charity organizations, advocacy, government projects, and health awareness. Printing your message or company motto on the bags will surely catch the interest of many people. Bags offer free unlimited exposure at no additional cost.
Custom Paper Bags for Business

Custom Paper Bags for Business

  • Different Styles for Every Customers: As you can see there are different styles available. The pouch bags are ideal for cosmetic promotions as they would look great as perfume packaging. There are also coin purse and sling bags complete with shoulder strap and closure. These slings bags and shoulder bags are ideal for students and fashion forward individuals.


Does Your Brand Need It?

Eco-friendly promotional bags are becoming popular nowadays and for a good reason. Not only can they help the environment but they can also improve your brand image. With fast fashion being a hot topic, companies need to think of ways to differentiate their brand in a good way. As such, this is the right time to invest in sustainable products such as these paper bags.

If you like this product, quote product code 2196 to learn more about how we can help you customize these products. Aside from branded eco-friendly bags, our team of designers and merchandisers can also assist you with designing and sourcing eco-friendly packaging and other green promotional merchandise. The ODM Group can help you crush your marketing goal through effective promotional products so contact our team today.

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