We found these interesting custom wine bottle bags in one of our trips in the UK. These vibrant gift bags hang in a free standing display unit, strategically located in the wine and beverage area of the store.  These come in a range of colours and styles for every occasion.

Why Use Custom Wine Bottle Bags and POS Display for Drinks Promos

Why Use Custom Wine Bottle Bags and POS Display for Drinks Promos

As you can see from the photo, the POS display looks very “Christmassy” with red and paint and snowflakes design. The wine bottle bags are also Holiday-themed. Colorful and timely, we think that these marketing devices are important in making your product more appealing to customers, even during an ordinary shopping day. Below, we explain how these promotional items can improve your brand campaign.

Why We Advise to Use Custom Wine Bottle Bags

Here at ODM, not only do we focus on creating unique promotional products, we also help with designing custom product packaging as well as custom-made POS display units. Speak with our Mindsparkz team to know your design options and materials.

  • Flexible: A custom wine bottle bag with your logo on it is a simple yet effective way to get your name out there. Plus, it is flexible in that it works for any type of promotional project, be it in the wine industry, charity, movie marketing, and more.
  • Increases Sales: In our example, the paper bags are sold separately but you can also give them away for free as part of your promotions. For instance, offering free gift wrapping services and custom gift bags when customers buy 2 or more bottles. Customers may be willing to spend more to get free wine bottle bags. In addition, paper bags are inexpensive to produce and recyclable; hence, a smart alternative to plastic.
  • Make Product An Interesting Gift Item: Perfect for Christmas, birthdays, and special gatherings, wine bottle bags add a touch of elegance and color to wine, liquor and other drinks products. Below is an example:

Reasons to Use a Custom POS Display Unit

  • POS Display Adds Visual Appeal: Using a POS Display not only keeps products in neat arrangement, but they can also add a unique appeal to your store. In our example, the Christmas vibe is apparent in this corner of the shop. And positioning the unit at the checkout makes it convenient for shoppers to find a gift bag for their drinks.
  • Practical and Reusable: Price and production turnaround time for a single POS display unit vary depending on the materials and complexity of the design. Nevertheless, they are durable, reusable and customizable. Hence, they are deemed practical in a financial sense. For a bespoke POS display, production could take longer time to produce. However, it is a worthwhile investment that you can use over and over again. Check out our previous blogs about POS displays to understand more about the production as well as its benefits.

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