Are you looking for hand-out products for your next promotion? Looking for something big but still small and compact? Then take a look at these promotional T-shirts for your next promotional campaign.

You can get these promotional T-shirts packaged in a smaller folded representation of your larger T-shirt product. But here’s the cool part, after unpacking it you will reveal and unfold the cool promotional T-shirts with your branding and in your colours to create as much brand recognition as possible.

Extracting Promotional T-Shirts

Extracting Promotional T-Shirts

How do promotional T-shirts increase your brand awareness?

  • Making people wear a t-shirt with the logo of your company has become one of the most effective marketing forms. Marketeers have realised that custom printed t-shirts are the best tool to get people’s attention on what they need to say, in addition it is a type of affordable marketing.
  • Branded T-shirts are successful in advertising your brand as they attract a lot of attention. Also most people enjoy collecting different kinds of shirts from different places, and some people even re-wear T-Shirts facilitating the brand awareness. Also promotional T-shirts are great as limited edition promotional items as they act as an incentive.

Other interesting details about promotional T-shirts.

  • Here are some factors to take into consideration when designing and manufacturing your promotional T-shirt.
    • Comfort: shoulder to shoulder taper and reinforced stitching on most styles for extra strength and comfort.
    • Fabric: pre-shrink fabric for reduced shrinkage after each wash.
    • Print: no centre front crease on garments for uninterrupted printing surfaces.
    • Fit: Shaped silhouettes for ladies’ styles for a more feminine fit.
    • Finish: double needle finishes for more secure hems.
    • Colour: you can pick the colour for your promotional t-shirt.

ODM offer a great range of promotional solutions, be it big or small to suit any company. With huge team of creative designers, sales people and merchandisers we can offer you the best product to go with your company and brand. Contact us today and get your solution started.

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