One of the most important aspects of marketing for any company in the service sector is to brand their products so that it is exposed to the public. This will enable our brand to expand its visibility which will mean that the public will be more aware of who we are and what do we provide. The most common products that can be branded in cafés are: napkins and cutlery. These are items that our customers will use every single time they come in to our cafes. Branding these products will enable them remember who we are.

For instance, let’s talk about branding some napkins for our coffee shop. We can see an image below:


[18:09:12] Deepak Gulrajani: Marketing Idea: Branding Napkins for Cafés

[18:09:12] Deepak Gulrajani: Marketing Idea: Branding Napkins for Cafés

How does branding products as our marketing strategy enable our company to raise brand awareness and revenues in the near future?

Well, it is known that if we don’t invest as much in marketing our brand properly, we will not be able to gain as much clients as possible as they will always head to our close rivals. There are many ways that we could attract these customers to our business, but firstly and most importantly we need to make sure that they will remember who we are. Just by adding our logo to simple products will ensure this and give a great image of our brand.

In a later stage, we could start providing some giveaways or promotional products as part of our marketing campaign which will create stronger bonds between us and our customers. In cafés, client expect a very efficient service with quick deliveries and hygiene to be top.

If we don’t throw out our brand name to the public, not many people will know what we do and why we are different from others.

Revenues will come through an efficient use of our marketing campaign which includes using promotional strategies.