These metal POS displays from Gillette are an excellent example of effective point of sale displays that command attention. We love the royal blue hue of the displays. The odd shapes are also remarkable as we rarely see this kind of promotional display in stores.

Metal POS Display

Metal POS Display

In-store competition is hectic now more than ever. New products enter the market, giving customers more choices. As such, this is an opportunity to fine-tune your marketing strategies. Still, one of the best ways of advertising in-store is by using custom POS displays. While online media, TV, and print ads are great promotional media, nothing beats the classic ones.

This example by Gillette shows us how to make your products stand out amidst a sea of equally popular and high-quality products. Here’s what we love about this bespoke POS display:


Gillette Metal POS Display

The first thing that caught or attention is the enlarged version of their shaving razor. This is a smart move since it gives customers an idea what their product looks like. Customers from a distance will be able to tell that this section is for Gillette Blue III. It also shows its three independently mounted blade and “Lubastrip,” the blue and yellow rubber which helps the razor glide easily over skin.

Metal POS Display

Metal POS Display

Excellent brand positioning is also another positive point of this metal POS display. There are brandings around the retail display. Even the sides of the base are branded.

We also love the use of brand colors to strengthen brand recognition. The prints stood out against the blue base color. The visual appeal greatly improves the perceived value of the products.

This metal POS display is probably one of the best in-store displays we have seen. The tube-like container are nothing like the usual merchandise displays we see in shopping stores. As such, they easily pique the interest of customers.

Most importantly, these displays are durable so they will surely last for years.


What are the Benefits of a Metal POS Display?

  • Longevity – Unlike cardboard displays, metal displays are more durable. They can withstand wear and tear. Although they may cost a bit more than cardboard displays, the benefits still far outweigh the initial expenses.
  • Quality – Metal displays are able to hold more products than their cardboard counterpart.
  • Versatile – The quality and durability of metal POP displays make them ideal for both -n-store and outdoor marketing.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – There are many types of metal to choose from. But whatever you decide to use, the aesthetic appeal is always stunning. Listed below are the types of metal and their unique qualities that make them ideal as point of sale displays.


Metals for POS Display

Wire or Rod – Flexible and offers unlimited design options.

Stainless Steel – The polished look lends a high-quality appeal that suits high-end or luxury products. They also make great materials for signages.

Aluminum – What makes this an interesting material is that it is light and really flexible. They can be easily shaped into anything you want. Since it is light, aluminum displays are really easy to move.

Brass – It lends a touch of class and luxury to your display piece.

Steel – It is durable and certainly perfect for marketing outdoors. The only downside to using steel as a POS display is it is heavy.

Copper – A flexible material, this material is often used as an accent piece. They are usually used together with wood to give it a classy timeless look. Copper is corrosion-resistant so it is durable and long-lasting.


So, were you inspired by Gillettes’s metal POS display? Would a metal POS display help improve your brand campaign? If so, ODM is here to help you out! We have a team of product designers who can help you with your promotional product and POS display designs. Get in touch with us so we can help you get started with your next project.


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