The cosmetic and hair care company L’Occitane have released a great on pack promotion that offers customers the chance to not only get a collection of their fantastic skin and body care products but a beautiful bag to carry them all in.

Starting in 1976 with nothing but a small truck and a solid knowledge of plants, Olivier Baussan, at the age of 23, distilled Rosemary essential oils which he sold on the local market.

Not long after, with his expansion in world plant knowledge, Baussan began to spread his natural cosmetic creations around the world, officially becoming L’Occitane in 1981 where the first factory opened up in the Volx Provence of France.

Over 40 years later L’Occitane are still creating their great natural cosmetics with some slight improvements. One of these improvements being their on pack promotion cosmetic bag that offers customers the chance to not only be able to travel like Buassan did, but carry their cosmetics safely.

On Pack Promotion with L'Occitane

On Pack Promotion with L’Occitane

What Makes This On Pack Promotion Great:

  • Bright Colouring – Matches with the the companies colour scheme as well as being an effective brand recognition tool due to their logo being so heavily associated with the soft yellow colour.  Yellow is very eye catching and therefore attractive and interesting to customers, enticing them to inspect the promotional gift and cosmetic goods.
  • Clear front –  that allows customers to view the products without obstructing them by only showing them the on pack promotion.
  • Spacious bag – Gives customers the opportunity, once purchased, to use it for various sized products as well as many of their cosmetic products when travelling.
  • Regular Brand promotion – Due to it’s multipurpose use, for example travelling and general cosmetic storage. This means that it can be carried almost anywhere creating maximum brand exposure.

Here at ODM we love this on pack promotion of a cosmetic bag and think it’s a fantastic marketing idea. If you are interested in having something similar manufactured for your company then get in contact today and let us create the perfect product for you.

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