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How a Phone Holder with Logo Can Turn Clients into Brand Ambassadors?

This phone holder with logo would definitely change the way people see phone holders. There is no doubt that there are hundreds of types and designs available in the market. Whether on online stores or in physical shops, there is an overflowing supply of these items. But this particular holder is something that would surely stir up your buyer’s interest. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Phone Holder with Logo

With its upgraded features, this phone holder with logo is an interesting product. Designed with a built-in powerbank, the demand for this item will surely increase.

What Makes this Holder Different from the Others?

According to a survey, there are 4.88 billion mobile phone users in the world. Thus, this figure is enough to convince businesses to add this multifunction phone holder to their marketing merchandise.

Having a specific place to rest your phone can make life easier. Moreover, it may serve as device protection from any kind of damage. But what are the features of this phone that set it apart from the other brand and type?

Phone Holder

Originally designed to hold mobile phones, this phone holder with logo excellently serves its purpose. It is highly adjustable, allowing users to easily meet all the kinds of angles they desire. Consequently, it can be adjusted to the most comfortable height preferred by the users.

Having an innovative design, and being hands-free, this phone holder makes watching movies and playing online games on their devices very much convenient. Just prop the phone up and adjust the height and angle. Voila! Mobile phone users will have a much comfortable time streaming videos and music from their phones wherever they place their phones.


During this quarantine season, most people probably spent their time browsing through their mobile phones. Hence, the prolonged usage of devices results in the immediate draining of mobile phone batteries. To avoid disruptions, a power bank must always be within reach.

Phone Holder with Power Bank

Dynamic and innovative, this power bank is absolutely remarkable. Geared with 10000mAh, it can power up multiple devices simultaneously. Moreover, this lightweight power bank has its own charging cables. It has four kinds of charging connectors for USB, Android, iPhone, and Type C devices.

What we love about this power bank is its fast-charging capacity. Whenever and wherever users may recharge their phones without power failure.

This is definitely perfect for traveling. With a 2-in-1 device, customers will not have to fish their bags for their chargers. Most importantly, being a compact multifunctional item, it frees up luggage space!

Additional Power Bank Features

We have mentioned above the exceptional details about the built-in power bank of this phone holder. But wait, it still has a lot to offer.

Safe and Reliable

Powered by Li Lithium Battery, this power bank is proven to be safe on day-to-day use. The outer covering is made from ABS material. In addition, it has a precision indicator that signals the users for the battery status. It also has a super protection function such as core intelligent protection, overcharged and discharge protection, and leakage protection, etc.

This custom cellphone phone holder with logo is safe for traveling. Approved by the CAAC, this holder with a built-in power bank allows users to charge their mobile phones when they are boarding a plane. Foldable and ultra-slim, this could be easily pocketed on a bag or luggage.


Unlike any power bank that works solely on a specific mobile brand, this type is compatible across all devices. It can be used to recharge all iPhone devices, androids, GPS, PDA, Camera, pm3/mp4 players, USB music speaker, and Bluetooth products. The multi-purpose feature of this item clearly separates it from the others.

This product is available in different colors, so that users may choose any shades that they want.

Who would not talk about this phone holder with logo? Offering this as a corporate gift, a special offer GWP, or a redemption gift item would instantly turn your clients into your brand ambassadors. With its multifunction feature, they would surely be happy to spread the news about the innovative and upgraded product that you are offering. By stimulating positive word of mouth, more people will get curious about your product and your brand as well.

We have already featured a number of phone holders and promotional power banks in our blogs, but none like this one. Multifunctional, high-quality, in-demand, and safe, this 2-in-1 product is a great way to get your brand into the hands of your customers- literally!

Contact ODM

We are proud to say that we are one of the top manufacturers of all kinds of branded packaging, custom promotional products, and giveaways in Asia.

If you think that this phone holder with logo is a good addition to your promotional product, just send us an email using the product code: ODM- 3625. Connect with us and learn more about our quality services.

Check out the next blogs for more phone accessory ideas.

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