Full-Service Buying Office for the Promotional Products Industry

Product Storage & Consolidation from China

Product storage, reconditioning, consolidation and shipping is key to fulfilment of any order – especially when multiple shipments are leaving China to various destinations around the world.   ODM work with a number of warehouse fulfilment agents in China to group shipments together and send out to the various destinations simultaneously.

Benefits of storing goods in a centralised location: Efficient and Cost-saving.

Instead of a company shipping products from China to their home market and then redispatching around the world we can do this directly saving both time and money.

Products are stored in standard warehouse rack so that items can be picked out easily. Each shelf level can be sub divided into a few unit locations and a code assigned to it.  Based on the location code, the products will be picked, packed and mailed out to clients immediately.

ODM’s warehousing partners in China ensure that:

  • All product storage is insured and safe.
  • Warehousing facilities are state-of-the-art
  • Technology and innovation in the inventory storage, distribution management and shipping logistics industry.

Aside from the traditional warehouse utility, other serivces also include:

  • Product assembly and Quality Inspection pre shipment
  • Labelling/Bar code technology
  • Product refurbishing and repacking from multiple factories
  • Consolidation and de-consolidation of shipments
  • Transportation services
  • Product Receiving

Our Buying Office in China takes care of this order fulfilment process for key clients and this is a very important part of our service to MNCs.