While looking for different promotions within HK stores we found out this great idea of a promotional cosmetic bag. LeSportsac offers a free mini pouch as a gift with purchase for the Passerby cosmetic set from their collection “We love HK”. If you are in the cosmetic and beauty industry you might want to consider this item for your next marketing campaign.

LeSportsac is a famous handbag, luggage and accessories company. Passerby cosmetic set from the new collection “We love HK” includes two different sized cosmetic bags and a stylish keychain. The design features of this collection are the city’s major cultural highlights and attractions, from transport to food.

Why is it a good idea to advertise with a promotional cosmetic bag?

For the gift as purchase LeSportsac chose promotional cosmetic bag, as the miniature version of the cosmetic set. This promotional item is very useful as can be used daily and be carried in a handbag. It has the same design as the main items. A gift with purchase is a great marketing tool and benefits a lot to the company. Customers are always excited to receive a gift and will appreciate it. Customer’s loyalty will be guaranteed.

Promotional cosmetic bag – gift with purchase from LeSportsac

Promotional cosmetic bag – gift with purchase from LeSportsac


Getting extra item smaller size as a bonus to the purchase customers are giving a feeling that they get more for their money. Your product looks more attractive to the consumers comparing to the competitive products.

If you want to make a successful promotion, you should choose useful promo items. A promotional cosmetic bag is a really wanted item for every woman, hence will be used daily and attract constant attention to your brand. Make a bright design for better visibility and place your logo on the promotional cosmetic bag. Such marketing campaign will raise your sales and help to bring new clients.

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