The following promotional item is for companies which want to make their brand more popular without paying much money for promotional merchandise.

Promotional Idea – Paper Fan

Every company can use this fan as a promotional products. There are several reasons, why this fan could be a good promo item for your company.

Firstly, everyone will be grateful to get a fan in hot weather, so people will definitely use your branded fan. This can make your company popular as users are flashing your company logo everywhere.

Secondly, this promo gift has low production cost. Therefore, you can reach more people with the same budget you have. As you can produce more units of this promotional items item, this makes the cost-benefit ratio awesome.

Lastly, this is a product that customers can use more than once. This means that people might use your product, with your logo on it, every day. This will increase the brand awareness of your company.

All in all this gift would make your company more popular with lesser cost.

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Some words in German:

Dieser Faecher ist ein guter Werbeartikel, wenn Sie Ihr Unternehmen bekannter machen moechten. Fur wenig Geld erreichen Sie hiermit eine vergleichsweise grosse Anzahl an Menschen. Alles in allem wird Ihnen dieses Item dabei helfen, Ihre Marke zu staerken und neue Kunden zu gewinnen.


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