Promotional Socks: Magic Behind Our Lucky Monkey

Last year we gave out Aluminium Wallets packaged in Lai See packets for Chinese New Year.  As much as we love magic (monkey magic), there is actually quite a lot of work that goes into planning our marketing campaigns.   This year we are all about promotional socks.

Now, as CNY factory closing dates are rapidly approaching, we are about to press the button on manufacturing promotional socks as our gift this Chinese New Year.

Promotional Socks – Early Development.

When considering which gift to offer, the first step of our design process is to organise a conceptual brainstorming session. We get together in the conference room in order to release some creative juices and come up with the best idea.   We actively discuss the practicalities of concepts and fill our whiteboards.

The Magic Behind Our Lucky Monkey Socks

The Magic Behind Our Lucky Monkey Socks

When not in use for brainstorms and meetings this table doubles up for table tennis so please do drop in for a game some time.    

Our team were tasked to look at Chinese Culture, our work and ODM values.  The Monkey is the last character of the Chinese Zodiac year.  Being the final one, we threw around ideas like monkey book ends, cigar cutters to signal celebrating end of projects etc…  Some of our team did not really want to go with the finality theme.  Book ends are bulky and so costly to ship.  Cigars associated with smoking a big no also.  We moved on….

Next we looked at connecting this with our business.  We really wanted to show we are always visiting factories.  Some ideas came to mind early on: “We think on our feet” & “Boots on the ground” & “Long Train Journeys”    “Overnight stays so needing travel kit and change of clothing”

The word cloud kept growing. One of our team then suggested to tie up monkeys with socks.  The Magic Monkey journey started…

promotional socks

ODM Design for promotional socks

We already have an excellent Promotional sock factory so the next step is using their templates for positioning our monkeys.   More on the use of templates, packaging etc.. over on the Mindsparkz Products Designer blog in a few days

promotional socks manufacturing template

promotional socks manufacturing template

Promotional Socks – 11 Case Studies

Here are a few of our favourite promotional sock case studies to show this product really does work for marketers around the world.  What sock materials work best?  Is there a funky type of packaging method we should consider?  Learn from industry leaders here.

It never ceases to amaze me how many case studies we now have on our blogs and how you can draw inspiration from what works around the world.  Our team check blogs to see if we missed anything before finalising design.   We are in luck…

When we do a brainstorm, our merchandising, sales & design team are all together.   Merchandisers know what we can make.  Sales know the market and what works for our clients.   Designers are the key holding it all together though…

Once the meeting finishes our designers begin to hand-sketch on the overall product design and we finish off with a rendered design like this.  The next blog on this project will be from them over on product designer blog.

promotional socks

promotional socks