• Free-Standing Display Unit (FSDU)

Free-Standing Display Unit (FSDU)

A free-standing display unit, also known as an FSDU can be essential in taking your product and brand to the next level. Much of the time an FSDU is what draws the customer in and represents your product and brand in the first instance.

ODM has a well-documented history of creating some of the market leading free-standing display units for clients in China and around the world. By investing in quality FSDU, you enable your brand to achieve fantastic brand exposure and the potential to dramatically increase sales.

If you’re looking for creative and superior quality free-standing display units, fill in your details to reach our experts.

To guide you on your journey to success, our Mindsparkz team provides amazing design and work closely with our team of merchandisers to locate low-cost sourcing with the best manufacturing solutions.

Our free-standing display units are quality checked to maintain only the highest standards. We perform factory visits to make sure our products meet your expectations. We work hard to ensure only the highest quality materials are used to make our products, to guarantee the finest FSDU possible.

Gifted graphic and product designers are waiting to create wonderful new ideas for your next campaign. Our FSDU consultants are ready to guide you through the process.

With thousands of case studies from around the world on our blog, you can see we have vast experience in the most effective marketing products. You can view many of the free-standing display units we have made a wide variety of brands previously. By effectively incorporating FSDU into your sales strategy, you can take your brand to new heights of success.

We, at ODM, are always ready to provide the best FSDU unit for your business. We combine design with affordable sourcing and exceptional manufacturing to ensure that you get the best possible marketing product.

Send in your details to the experts to associate with the ODM group or check out our case studies to see more of our promotional products.

Below are some of our favourite FSDU case studies:

1. Kit Kat Duty Free Advertising: Unique Instore Display

Kit Kat recently advertised with this unique in store display at Qatar Airport in the Duty-Free Zone. Kit Kat is a chocolate biscuit bar, which was invented in England and is now produced by Nestlé. Such promotional set up is great to catch the eye of current or potential customers and to boost not only your sales but also your brand attention. If you need help with in-store FSDU, contact ODM.

Kit Kat Duty Free Advertising: Unique Instore Display

Kit Kat Duty Free Advertising: Unique Instore Display

2. Back To School In-Store Display by BIC

The French Pen company BIC, is now offering their pens through creative in-store displays. The creative in-store display contains pens in a school bus with the promotion, “win 10 pounds every 10 min.” Contact ODM to learn about how we can help you create a well-structured free-standing display unit.

Back To School In-Store Display by BIC

Back To School In-Store Display by BIC

3. Exciting POS Display for Beer – Used By Krusovice

Krusovice took centre-stage on the shop floor with their unique, eye-catching POS display for beer. As a drinks brand the main place you would like to see your product selling is large supermarkets – where they have the greatest chance of being seen by a potential customer. Contact ODM to know more about FSDU and other marketing tools.

Exciting POS Display for Beer – Used By Krusovice

Exciting POS Display for Beer – Used By Krusovice

4. In-Store Marketing: Milka’s Original POS Display

Milka is currently advertising with an original POS Display in China. They advertised with a similar POS Display in the Duty Free Zone Dubai a few weeks ago. Milka has realized that advertising with a POS Display is always a good way to gain a lot of attention and to increase the sale of your products. Many brands promote their products with POS Displays, that’s why you should think about an original design for your POS Display. If you need help with FSDU, feel free to Contact ODM.

In-Store Marketing Milka’s Original POS Display

In-Store Marketing Milka’s Original POS Display

5. Awesome In-Store Display by Nestle Frutips

Here we have a fantastic in-store display fabricated by Nestle for one of my personal go-to comfort gummies- Frutips, displayed in Zhuhai is very own Walmart branch. Contact ODM to know about how we can help develop an eye-catching and effective free-standing display unit.

Awesome In Store Display by Nestle Frutips

Awesome In Store Display by Nestle Frutips

6. Branded In Store Display in Danish Supermarket

Back in 1877 the first Barilla pasta was created in a small Italian pasta shop. Today the Italian pasta brand is a global player in the market, who still makes pasta with traditions kept from the old pasta shop. Regardless of this, the brand is still required to do in store display promotions. This allows current and potential customers to taste the old traditional pasta they make. To learn more about free-standing display units, Contact ODM

Branded In Store Display in Danish Supermarket

Branded In Store Display in Danish Supermarket

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