The Tea Tool is a uniquely designed cage which holds teabags.  It is operated from the handle, enabling easy insertion of bag into tea, stirring, squeezing and disposal.




Made of durable plastic, this product is dishwasher safe and able to withstand high heat.  Not only that, the packaging is minimal – A cardboard illustrating the instructions- focusing more on the tool.

Teatool frontTeatool backhowtouse

Other than black, the tea tool is also available in other colors like red, blue, white etc.

With this simple device, there will be no more burnt fingers and dripping teabags- Exhibiting at our booth during the Mega Show part 1.

Teatool™ Trademark No. 004 275 186
UK Patent No. GB 05 08 038.7
International Patent No. PCT/GB 2005/004371

This product has undergone rigorous testing in the UK market over the past year and has a strong retail following.   ODM is now preparing to launch this product overseas for the inventor.

We also plan to develop a new version with better logo positioning for use as Gift with Purchase.

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Why is this tea tool designed ?

The Tea Tool is a uniquely designed cage that holds teabags.

How is this operated?

It is operated from the handle, enabling easy insertion of the bag into tea, stirring, squeezing, and disposal.

What are different types of colours offered?

Other than black, the tea tool is also available in other colours like red, blue, white etc.

Why ODM?

ODM is a one-stop for all your promotional and food packaging solutions needs. Our Mindsparkz team has in-house designers who are always ready to develop out-of-the-box ideas. At ODM we have significant experience in product design, sourcing and manufacturing. We can help you with your marketing budgets effectively.

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