The ODM Group is a Promotional Products Marketing Agency founded in 2003.
Beginning operations in Hong Kong, here is how we have expanded over the years – firmly rooted in Asia close to our factories.

Our diverse approach make us a great partner for International brands who want a team to manage their projects closely. Whilst we have strong regional coverage in Asia, ODM has also grown our scale and scope of services over the years :

We set up on day 1 with a strong focus on the Promotional Products space and still have this segment of our business as our core competency.

Our team of merchandisers combine low-cost sourcing solutions along with excellent manufacturing solutions.  With our closest customers, we strive to become their De Facto office in Asia offering complete transparency and partnership.

Our knowledge and experience in promotional products have also prompted us to share with our readers different marketing concepts by making free content that will help develop your brand. We’ve developed over 8,000 case studies to serve this purpose.


From Concept through to Production, we provide every service needed to bring new ideas to market.

The ODM Group now services clients from almost every country in the world, offering innovative Promotional Products & General Procurement Services in China & Vietnam. We act as a dedicated buying office for key clients.

Check out our work credentials to learn more about our core work.

About Mindsparkz

In 2013, ODM launched Mindsparkz, a full-service Design Agency, to help with early-stage Product Development, Ideation and Marketing. Our graphics and product designers are capable of meeting individual needs and brainstorm with you to turn your vision into reality.

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