Buying Office in China

Buying Office in China

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Rather than a transactional relationship, ODM partners with Promotional Products agencies around the world to offer “Dedicated Buying Office Services”. 

Why do we work like this?

You get dedicated staff working for you on the ground at a fraction of the merchandising cost in your country. We work open-book and you can get full access to all our preferred vendors. By working this way, you receive high quality products at a lower cost.

How does a Buying Office work?

Our buying office serves as a procurement team for our clients to source for the most cost-effective suppliers which also caters to the specific needs of our clients. 

With a big selection of registered factories in China, we’ve been able to help producers connect with a network of supply chains to help procure resources for manufacturing. Therefore, with a high demand for promotional products – our merchandisers are well trained to help source for suppliers in China.

Why Manufacture in China… and elsewhere in Asia?

China has caught the attention of businesses from all over the world. They have evolved into a manufacturing powerhouse – capable of producing almost anything that you can imagine. Production in China is also very appealing to businesses due to cheap labor and high volume capacity. Therefore, this is why China has been the preferred location for manufacturing.   Whilst ODM has 2 sourcing hubs in China, in Zhuhai & Yiwu, our Vietnam office also takes care of procurement in SE Asia.

Advantages of Working with Us

What does your company get from working with us?

Why do business engage with Buying Offices?

Most of our clients that we’ve worked with are companies and businesses operating outside of China. They are usually companies that are looking to manufacture in China where it is cheaper to import as compared to manufacturing locally. However, importing goods and liaising with Chinese Factories is much more challenging that one might think.

One of the problems associated with this is communication. With a language barrier existing between Chinese suppliers and Western producers – there is a demand for Chinese speaking merchandisers that can help facilitate the partnership.

In addition to that, businesses also engage with Buying Offices for Quality assurance. Unfortunately, many would associate with Chinese-produced goods with poor quality. Most importantly, we believe that the origin of the product does not determine the quality. However, it is the quality management that is involved in manufacturing.

Buying Office in China
Buying Office in China

How can ODM help?

We have a dedicated team of merchandisers that are operating in China, Zhuhai which has helped many businesses simplify their manufacturing process in China.

This includes a history of producing custom packaging, bespoke product displays and personalized promotional goods.

We have registered over 2000+ factories which have shown potential to manufacture ethically and reliably. This is done through factory visits and auditing prior to manufacturing – which will be followed up with Quality Control where quality managers will visit respective factories to update our clients with the manufacturing progress.

Moreover, with the close proximity to other manufacturing countries in Asia – we’ve also extended our network into Vietnam. Here, we’ve established our own in-house Design Agency called ‘Mindsparkz‘ – which is dedicated to helping companies design products that are personalized for their brand.

Over 18 years of experience in the industry :

We understand that time is critical for our clients. Therefore, our decades of experience allow us to manage your projects efficiently and timely.

Our Services :

Above all, we like to consider our approach as a 360 degree manufacturing process – addressing all types of pain points by our clients

Contact Us & Learn More

Interested in manufacturing your own promotional products? Contact us with details of your products and we will be happy to assist you in your project. Speak with our salespersons to learn how our services can be tailored to fit your needs. Let us know your pain points.  Likewise, our services are all modular so use our team how you want.  In conclusion, we would like to invite your team to integrate with us as your partner based in China.

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