Sustainable marketing is more than just a new trend. Many retail companies are ditching single-use plastic for more environmentally-safe materials. One such material that is gaining popularity nowadays is wheat straw as an alternative to plastic.

Plastic products, while sturdy, can have huge and irreversible negative effects on our environment. Therefore, wheat straw as a green alternative to plastic is an idea that businesses should start to embrace now.

By using healthier, safer, and greener products in our business, not only do you boost your image as a company, but you also help the environment break free from plastic.

In this blog, we will take a look at some of our favorite wheat-based product ideas that you can adopt for your business.


Advantages of Wheat Based Merchandise

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Safe to use
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Can handle hot food and beverage really well


5 Wheat Based Products to Push your Sustainable Marketing Front and Center

Custom Reusable Tumbler

While plastic tumblers are reusable and durable, they certainly are not as eco-friendly as wheat-based ones. From the production to consumption, a wheat tumbler has less carbon footprint than its plastic counterpart.

Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing – Custom Reusable Tumbler

Similar to plastic, they are also durable and can be made into various colors and shapes. The lid is designed with convenience in mind. Furthermore, this is great for home and office use, outdoor activities, and gatherings. It is also small and compact so it is not bulky or heavy.

Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing – Custom Reusable Tumblers

From a brand manager’s perspective, wheat tumblers are also ideal for effective brand positioning. The body can be branded with company logos and other brand visuals. They can also be given away as part of your employee appreciation gift set and swag bag. If you like this product, then send us an email and reference product code ODM-3053.

Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing-Custom Reusable Tumblers


Custom Food Containers

Keep food fresh with wheat food containers! Wheat, as an alternative to plastic, is 100% safe for people. Wheat food containers are dishwasher and microwave safe. So, if you have leftovers you want to reheat, just pop it in the fridge and wait for the timer to set off.

Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing – Custom Food Container

Wheat plastic can handle heat very well. Wheat-based food keepers have a heat resistance of up to 100° Celsius / 220° Fahrenheit and they do not have any chemical reactions when they come in contact with heat. Therefore, you can expect that there will be no plastic-like taste in your food.

Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing – Custom Containers

Measuring 8 cm (H) x 9 cm (W) x 19.8 cm (L), these food containers are portable and compact. There are so many styles to choose from, but we really love this particular lunch box. It is a two-layer container with a compartment for utensils. This way, there is no need for another pouch or keeper for cutlery.

Are you ready to hop into the green marketing trend? If so, quote product ODM-3055 to learn more about how we can help you source and customize wheat-based containers!



Wheat-based plates are definitely sturdy and unbreakable. These are also ideal for kids starting to learn to eat independently. They will not break even when they are dropped, which means less injury-hazard at home.

Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing – Wheat-Based Plates

They come in various shapes making preparing food fun and easy. These are great for when you need an unbreakable plate to serve food at home and outdoor gatherings like picnics, camping, and get-togethers.

Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing- Wheat-Based Plates

So, do you see your brand being advertised in one of these straw wheat plates? Get in touch with our team and quote product code ODM-3052 to learn more about these products.


Phone Stand

Probably the simplest, yet one of the most useful mobile accessories there is. This wheat-based custom cell phone holder allows you to prop your cellphone up when you want to watch a video or answer your phone hands-free.

Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing- Cell Phone Holder

Like plastic, wheat plastic is easy to fashion into many different designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. Sturdy and practical, this will surely be a good promotional product idea for tech, FCMG, and beer promotions. So, would a custom cell phone holder help boost your sustainable marketing efforts? If so, email us and reference product code ODM-3054!


Coffee Cups

Single-use plastic cups are often used by coffee shops for their take away drinks. While plastic cups are cheaper, they do not biodegrade and they could end up in our seas when not disposed of properly.

While there are efforts to use paper cups for coffee, the fact is, they cannot be recycled. Paper cups are lined with plastic so they cannot be broken down into a pulp. One good way to break free from the plastic trend is to offer reusable drinkware. This is where wheat-based cups come in.

Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing- Coffee Cups

How can shops use this drinkware for their business? For takeaway beverages, they can offer these cups as a purchase with purchase offer. An additional fee may apply to obtain the drinking cups. You may also offer discounts for returning customers who bring their own refillable cups to ensure that this trend will stick. The benefits? Increase in sales, less plastic cup consumption, customers save more, and shops would be able to cut overhead costs.

For wheat-based coffee cups, ODM-3051 is the product code.


Why Wheat Products for Sustainable Marketing?

The benefits of using wheat-based products are immeasurable. Durable and safe to use, they give customers more value for money and businesses an eco-friendly alternative to plastic-based products. Most importantly, they help minimize the need for plastic products that are proven harmful to the environment.


If you are interested in any of our wheat-based merchandise, feel free to quote the product codes indicated in the photos. We have previous experience in designing and manufacturing custom eco-friendly products, packaging, and displays. Our team can also help with high-end POS displays and custom promotional merchandise for the global market. Contact us today!

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