As the world is getting more environmentally-conscious,  many countries are now moving towards using renewable energy like solar, wind and water. Currently, there are interesting products sold or given as promotional products powered by renewable energy, such as a custom solar windmill. Not only are these products environmentally-friendly, but they are also very useful.

Custom Solar Windmill

Custom Solar Windmill

Here are 6 reasons why a custom solar windmill can be a great promotional gift!


#1 Solar-powered

There is a solar energy panel at the base of the custom solar windmill and the blades will start rotating when sunrays hit the panel. As it is solar-powered, it does not need to be plugged in and will not consume electricity. Hence, making this product good for the environment. As a result, it could potentially enhance your brand image.


#2 Unique

A custom solar windmill makes a very novel promotional gift that not many companies will give. They make a very appealing décor and it is suitable for different age groups.


#3 Make a great home or office décor

This custom solar windmill makes an interesting home or garden decoration and may intrigue visitors. The windmill could also be placed on an office desk, near a window where there is sunlight. Furthermore, it is small and will not take up a lot of desk space. It can act as a mini-fan for the user!


#4 Good for kids

The custom solar windmill is safe for children to use. In addition, it is very easy to assemble and can hone a child’s DIY ability. Furthermore, it is a great education tool to teach them about the science of energy.


#5 Customisability

Custom Solar Windmill

Custom Solar Windmill

The windmill can be customised by having your brand logo printed on the body. It will make a great gift for people and will help to promote your brand especially during Earth Awareness month. It can also come in a custom product packaging.


#6 Durability

The custom solar windmill is also made of premium ABS plastic and hence could last for a very long time. It is also unlikely to get very damaged if it is placed outdoors as a décor.



Overall, a custom solar windmill makes a great promotional giveaway product as it is ideal for diverse age groups. They can have multiple purposes such as an educational tool or decor. It is also very environmentally friendly and will boost your brand image in more ways than one. Therefore, this will appeal to many people.


If you are looking for promotional products, custom promotional giveaways, and high-end custom marketing gifts you can reach out to the ODM team. We can help with the brainstorming of ideas and we also have an in-house design team, Mindsparkz, that will also help with designing.


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