Here are some dates you can look forward to. We make regular updates on trade shows, holidays and special events to help your marketing team plan your next campaign.  The Google Calendar will show you what to celebrate today, or scroll down to see what is happening on any given month.

Special Days By Month for Marketing.

Click on the dates and you will be directed to some excellent marketing case studies.  Whether you are looking to build a marketing campaign around some very important causes or some really hilarious days the choice is yours.  ODM and our design team at Mindsparkz are very keen to work on the most Random Marketing Campaigns that can be imagined.


January 1 Bloody Mary Day

January 3 Drinking Straw Day

January 7 Bobblehead Day

January 11 World Sketchnote Day

January 13 Stickers Day

January 15 Hat Day

January 19 Tin Can Day

January 24 Beer Can Appreciation Day

January 28 International Lego Day

January 29 Puzzles Day

– Down Syndrome Awareness Month –


February 4 World Cancer Day

February 9 Pizza Day

February 10 Umbrella Day

February 13 World Radio Day

February 16 Innovation Day

February 18 Drink Wine Day

February 20 Love Your Pet Day

February 22 World Yoga Day

February 24 World Bartender Day

February 25 Rubber Ducky Day

– Bake for Family Fun Month –


April 2 Children’s Book Day

April 3 World Party Day

April 6 Army Day

April 7 Beer Day

April 9 Internet of Things Day

April 11 Pet Day

April 15 Anime Day

April 20  Chinese Language Day

April 22 Earth Day

April 23  English Language Day

April 30  International Jazz Day

– Decorating Month –


May 1 International Workers Day

May 4 Star Wars Day

May 5 Hand Hygiene Day

May 6 Beverages Day

May 7 World Athletics Day

May 10 Mothers Day

May 16 World Whiskey Day

May 18 Museum Day

May 21 Notebook Day

May 25 Wine Day

May 27 World Product Day

– Photography Month –


June 1 Children’s Day

June 3 World Bicycle Day

June 5 World Environment Day

June 13 World Gin Day

June 14 World Bourbon Day

June 18 International Picnic Day

 June 19 Martini Day

June 21 Go Skateboarding Day

June 25 Dragon Boat Festival

June 25 Cream Tea Day  *last Friday of June

June 27 Sunglasses Day

– Camping Month –


July 2 I Forgot Day

July 3 Plastic Bag Free Day

July 7 Chocolate Day

July 10 Pina Colada Day

July 11 Mojito Day

July 17 Emoji Day

July 19 Daquiri Day

July 24 Tequila Day

July 27 Scotch Whiskey Day

July 30 Friendship Day

– Independent Retailer Month –


August 1 Planner Day

August 2 Doll Day

August 3 White Wine Day

August 7 International Beer Day

August 10 Lazy Day

August 15 Relaxation Day

August 18 Pinot Noir Day

August 25 Whiskey Sour Day

August 26 Dog Day

August 27 Burger Day

– Inventor’s Month –


September 6 Fight Procrastination Day

September 7 Beer Lovers’ Day

September 9 Teddy Bear Day

September 10 Teachers Day

September 12 Video Games Day

September 14 Boss/Employee Exchange Day

September 20 Wife Appreciation Day

September 25 Fitness Day

September 27 World Tourism Day

September 28 Family Day

– Friendship Month –


October 1 International Coffee Day

October 3 Boyfriend’s Day

October 4 Improve Your Office Day

October 4 Vodka Day

October 9 World Post Day

October 10 Hand Bag Day

October 15 World Students Day

October 19 International Gin & Tonic Day

October 23 Event Organisers Day

October 28 Plush Animal Lovers Day

October 31 Halloween

– Fair Trade Month –


November 3 Sandwich Day

November 5 Project Management Day

November 7 Hug a Bear day

November 8 Cappucino Day

November 11 Singles Day

November 17 Entrepreneur’s Day

November 18 Micky Mouse Day

November 19 International Men’s Day

November 20 Universal Children’s Day

November 21 World Television Day

November 25 Shopping Reminder Day

– Novel Writing Month –


December 3 Giving Tuesday

December 4 Bartender Appreciation Day

December 9 Techno Day

December 10 Lager Day

December 13 Hot Cocoa Day

December 15 International Tea Day

Dec 16 Chocolate Covered Anything Day

December 18 Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

December 20 Games Day

December 25 Christmas Day

December 26 Thank You Note Day

December 29 Tick Tock Day

December 31 Make Up Your Mind Day

– Write a Business Plan Month –