Electronic promotional products are deemed to be the most practical and supreme corporate gifts. Why? The world is gradually changing to be more digitalized and computerized. Furthermore, electronic promotional products can easily be customized to increase visibility and brand awareness! 

The 128th Canton Fair, 2020’s top promotional products show, has most definitely introduced us to many new and innovative products. Here are the 15 hottest electronic promotional products to help retain your clients/customers: 

1. 2 in 1 Smart Watch with TWS Wireless Earbuds 

This 2 in 1 Smart Watch is literally a 1.3” TFT travel buddy right on your wrist. They don’t just tell time, but there are also plenty of other features and functions! It has a battery capacity of 170 mah, supported by IOS and Andriod with a 5.1 Bluetooth connection. Furthermore, it is highly versatile, being able to track your heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, sleep, etc throughout the day. Additionally, the design makes it extremely convenient to use and store your earbuds with just one swift movement. 

Indefinitely the greatest combination of a smartwatch and wireless earbuds. Contact us with product code ODM-3125 for more details of its functions and customization! 

2. Wireless Mousepad Charger

One of the main reasons why a wireless charging mousepad is such a spontaneous gift is its convenience and usefulness. Given that we are constantly running out of time, we want to be able to maximize our workflow and our time on the computer. Most importantly, it can keep your mouse charged even when you are done using it. Moreover, this mousepad allows you to charge your smartphones at the same time. 

The simple and sleek 220*200*12mm design makes it an ideal purchase compared to the flashy ones. Contact us with product code ODM-3145 for more customization details! Do check out our other blogs on promotional wireless chargers.

Wireless Mousepad Charger

Wireless Mousepad Charger

3. Digital Wooden LED Alarm Clock with Phone Charger 

The most fashionable and delicate wooden promotional clock you’ve ever seen. It is multifunctional as a clock and a charging dock- definitely a unique corporate gift. One of the features will be its sound control function. Just by clapping your hands, users are able to “wake” the clock. Additionally, 3 different groups of alarm settings can be stored in the system, including 3 adjustable brightness levels. The main part will be its wireless charging function, just place your phone on the clock, and you’re good to go. It’s that simple! 

The multiple functions and modern design make it a suitable gift for your customers. Contact us with product code ODM-3119 for more details of its features and alternative model functions (with a Bluetooth speaker).

4. USB Rechargeable Mini Nano Mist Sanitizers 

Technology has introduced us to nanotech as well. Nanotechnology provides more coverage on surfaces, making this product the perfect sprayer. Moreover, the ultrasonic mist technology developed in this product helps provide deeper cellular penetration. The 30ml storage tank can be used continuously for 10 minutes, with no frequent refills. 

Steps to use this product are:

  1. Fill it with water or alcohol (for disinfectant mist)
  2. Push down the switch
  3. Voila! Automatically sends out a nice mist

Unquestionably ideal electronic promotional products for the ladies. It helps the skin look vibrant, hydrated, and soft. Contact us with code ODM-3133 to learn more about its uses and customization such as printing methods and design options.

5.  USB Humidifier with Lights – Pull Up Design 

Make your night more interesting with this USB humidifier with lights. With a push of a button, the mist will be set together with the color changing night light. The pull out function will be the retractable 200ml water tank, a creative and humanized design. Furthermore, the mist goes off for 8 hours continuously and intermittent spray for 10 hours. Acts as a great car humidifier in purifying the air and soothing driving fatigue. 

By providing long-lasting usability, it acts as a great gift to both men and women. Contact us with code ODM-3139 if interested!

6. USB Rechargeable 2 in 1 Desk Lamp & Torch 

Electronic promotional products such as their multifunctionality are the main selling point of these customized lamps. The lamp has multi-angle adjustments with a 180° rotatable head. It is environmentally-friendly with built-in lithium batteries to allow USB charging. Additionally, there are 3 lighting modes for users to choose from. Furthermore, it is water-resistant, making it a good camping light for outdoor activities.

The special feature will be its ability to charge your mobile phone or gadgets! Contact us today with code ODM-3138 if you are interested in these products.

7. UV Toothbrush Disinfection Box 

Bacteria! Microorganisms! Fortunately for you, dental hygienists have demonstrated that ultraviolet toothbrush sanitizers work reasonably well. Hence, get your hands on one of these UV toothbrush Disinfection Box. It has a battery life of 70 days and disinfects in 3 minutes. The huge capacity allows for a built-in shaver position as well. It is both safe and harmless, the UV light will turn off immediately once the cover is flipped open. 

With the use of 3mm protective films, no damage will be done to your walls. Contact us with code ODM-3128 to know more about it.

8. Auto Foaming Soap Dispenser 

This auto foam soap dispenser has a built-in infrared smart sensor, the touch-free operation avoids any secondary cross-infection. Additionally, not only is it easy to use but it is easy to install as well. The rotary head acts as a power switch and it comes with plenty of customizable colors. Just pour the desired liquid into the tank and rotate it clockwise and you’re done! 

With luxury in your hands, it can act as perfect appreciation gifts for healthcare workers. Contact us with code ODM-3147 for more product information. 

9. Smart Air Pressure Eye Massager

Relieve visual fatigue and improve sleep with this smart air pressure eye massager. The multi-frequency pulse modes help lead to better blood circulation, reducing blood pressure in the brain. Furthermore, the smart eye massager automatically adjusts the air pressure according to different faces. Fortunately for music lovers, there are 5 kinds of relaxation music installed into the massager for relief. 

Contact us with code ODM-3139 to know more about the different product functions and features.

10. Mini Auto Vacuum Pump & Food Vacuum Bag 

Make use of this portable and lightweight vacuum pump to keep your food fresh. Its compact design and convenient operation help preserve a variety of food in the vacuum-sealed bags. Moreover, the bottom soft rubbers aid in better sealing performance. It is fairly simple to use. Place the vacuum on the bag, press the start button and it seals it automatically for you. 

If you are interested in such electronic promotional products, contact us with code ODM-3178 to know more about this useful kitchen gadget!

11. Electric Egg Roll Maker 

Oh, crack! A really unique and functional snack machine. With three-dimensional heating, your eggs will be cooked at a constant temperature, both safe and stable. It is easy to use: just crack your eggs in and let the machine do all the work. Your fully cooked egg rolls will automatically pop up. It is also fairly easy to clean on top of being user-friendly. Fortunately for users, despite its intricate design, the parts can easily be disassembled for better cleaning. 

Practical and easy to use, this electric egg roll maker is one of the best food promotional items out there. It also makes an ideal gift with purchase. Contact us today with code ODM-3163 about it! We are glad to give you more product details. 

12. Stainless Steel Sensor Bin 

Lastly, let us introduce to you this fingerprint-proof stainless steel sensor bin. Using smart technology, the bin automatically opens with a wave of your hand within 18cm above the lid. Closes automatically for you in under 5 seconds. Furthermore, the digital countdown panel helps indicate the time of closing accurately. Its soft-close design creates a noise-free environment as well. 

Such a “waste” to not get your hands on these electronic promotional products. There are plenty of product capacities and colors to choose from. Contact us with code ODM-3167 to know more about such attention grabbing products!

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If you would like to know more about the Canton Fair or new promotional products do not hesitate to contact us. We have product designers who have vast experience in designing promotional gifts, brand packaging designs, and product displays for your business. Check out our sister company MindSparkz which specializes in product design! Be sure to be on the lookout for other upcoming blogs on the 2020 Canton Fair products! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canton Fair?

Canton Fair is China's oldest and biggest trade show event. It helps promote businesses and their respective innovations.

What are electronic gadgets?

Appliances which work on technology or electronic technology. Modern gadgets include advanced technology.

What are the advantages of using Smart Technology?

The use of smart technology will increase users convenience, increase energy efficiency, etc. Furthermore, it aids in improving appliance functionality.