Lucky Lunar Socks

With over 17 years of working experience in China, we’ve grown fond of the Zodiac Animals that become a center stage for the annual Chinese New Year. That inspired us to develop a collectible series of ODM Lucky Lunar Socks which celebrates each of these Animals.

Here is a compilation of Animals that have been featured over the years :

2021 : Welcoming Oscar the Golden Ox

Diligence, Dependability, Strength and Determination

Lunar Lucky Socks

Find out how we design the Year of the Ox socks here!

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Year of the Ox Socks
Collectible Socks
Collectible Socks

Christina Nob;e Children's FoundationODM is pleased to support the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, also known as simply the CNCF, is an international non-government organization, dedicated to serving the world’s oppressed and marginalized children.

Here at ODM, we have expressed a strong interest in developing young talents. We support the cause that the foundation has long worked for, and have worked with them for several projects. Click here to learn more.

Buy Lucky Lunar Socks to celebrate 2021 and support CNCF. USD$0.20 will be donated to the Charity for every pair of socks purchased.

A small contribution can go a long way in making a big difference to millions of children’s lives.

For every 1000 pairs of socks bought, it can either:

Provide 18 children with an education for a month

Buy textbooks, uniform, and stationary for 20 children

Support 3 entire families with food for a whole month

Lucky Lunar Merchandise

Other than lucky socks, we’ve also designed other variations of the mascots. Here are more lucky lunar merchandise :

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Collectible Socks

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