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ODM creates high-quality promotional products, gifts, and merchandise for global markets. Our strategy is to ensure we provide high-quality custom and personalized marketing products to our corporate clients. We design for manufacture and take products from concept to market.

Our product designers provide high-quality design and work closely with our team of merchandisers to combine low-cost sourcing with excellent manufacturing solutions. ODM work hard to ensure your brand receives the best promotional and marketing merchandise available and also we provide product design & packaging services for your brand which will enhance your brand value through the product.

We visit factories to make sure your product requirements are aligned with what is happening on the factory floor. Our merchandise is constant quality checked. By maintaining these high standards of the audit we can ensure our promotional products and gifts are of the highest standard.

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Case Studies

  • Promotional Glass Tumbler

Why Did Macallan Design a Promotional Glass Tumbler Set?

June 19th, 2019|0 Comments

The Scottish whisky distiller know as The Macallan is giving away a promotional glass tumbler set with any purchase over $130! To many, the idea of sitting back on a Chesterfield sofa and sipping fine spirits from a branded tumbler is the epitome of class!   Promotional Glass Tumbler [...]

  • Custom Counter Display

How Chivas Regal’s Custom Counter Display Appealed to Our Senses

June 19th, 2019|0 Comments

Chivas Regal has caught our attention with their beautiful custom counter display. Passersby would be compelled to guess the connection of the drink to the other items on display. There was some kind of flower, which looks like Vanilla, cherries, and nuts. It was a great conversation starter because customers [...]

  • Storefront Signage

Learn How to Boost Visibility With a Storefront Signage

June 18th, 2019|0 Comments

Pharmacity caught our attention when exploring Vietnam! Their storefront signage is a great way to gain recognition from customers and competitors alike. As you can see, their customised display makes them stand out from the other retailers on the street! How does storefront signage boost brand visibility? Storefront Signage [...]

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