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Custom Direct Mail

Direct Mail has quite an underrated reputation in Marketing ever since the digital age, but really is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. Here are 4 types of Direct Mail Marketing:

1. Pen machine addressing or hand addressing

People generally feel more thought of with personalized emails and as such, and more likely to trash generic messages that don’t look like the sender had them in mind. That’s why hand addressing your mail can be a valuable strategy to stand out in a large stack of mail. Using sharpies or pens to write recipient addresses on the envelopes is surprisingly effective. Hand-addressed mail adds a personal touch to advertising, making people hesitate before going on to the next letter and giving potential customers a meaningful emotional experience.

2. Post-it note mailing

The method is relatively simple: Attach a Post-it note containing a personalized message, website or phone number to your direct mail advertisement. This is an effective method because the human brain is drawn to the note when first scanning the piece of mail. It’s another great way to personalise your mail.

3. Variable data printing

VDP is a method of digital printing that utilizes existing data to customize different elements of an advertisement, such as greetings, images, URLs, text and graphics. This enables you to target each piece of mail you send out to the specific recipient, allowing for a unique level of personalization that can grab each customer’s attention.

Custom Direct Mail
Custom Direct Mail
Custom Direct Mail

4. Scratch-off mailing

By putting a scratch-off box on your advertisement, you encourage the customer to interact directly with your product. The extra seconds they spend scratching may cause them to remember your product, contact information or company more clearly. Under the scratch-off material, enclose a coupon, discount code or subscription link to get them even more interested in the product you are advertising.

How can ODM help?

We specialize in designing and manufacturing bespoke products – including direct mail packaging. We want to help you distribute your products and personalize your brand into every aspect of the product. Interested in branding your own mailers? Contact us or send us a detailed quote and we will be happy to help you.

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What is a direct mail?

Direct mails are products and services sent directly to the customer's home or office to create trust towards the organization. These are great initiatives to get a higher response rate.

What are the different types of direct mail?

The four notable types of direct mails are hand addressing, Post-it note mailing, Variable data printing, and Scratch-off mailing.

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