Are you looking for new promotional ideas? Check out 123… by Ella’s rainy day promotions. For every purchase of their rain gear and additional $10, customers can get another rain gear worth $30.

Seasonal Promotional Products

Seasonal Promotional Products


This was a good marketing strategy as offering another product for a reduced price attracts more shoppers. Customers will always go for that brand that offer more value for money. Thus, this helps in stimulating conversation which could eventually lead to sales. The perceived value of the rain gear increases as they offer free rain gear as redemption reward. Furthermore, the promotional item can be considered as being worth the money they would not usually spend.

Seasonal Promotional Products

Seasonal Promotional Products

The rain gear on offer are stylish so shoppers would be encouraged to buy. With the rainy season just around the corner, this promotion is relevant and timely. If you’re running a rainy day promotional campaign, here are some seasonal products you need to consider:


4 Seasonal Promotional Products For Rainy Season

  • Raincoat: If you want something that will protect your customers from the rain and mud, then a raincoat would be a great option. They can also come in many different styles and colors. Branding the raincoat is crucial in spreading the word about your brand. What is also interesting with custom raincoats is that you can tie them in with sports teams and events to boost your sports promotion. The below blog shows how a raincoat can be used  for sports and rainy day promos:


  • Custom Branded Umbrella: Umbrellas make great redemption rewards because not only are they useful, but they also allow you to gain tremendous exposure on the streets. The key is printing your logo or brand name on the canopy and using unique designs that will catch customer attention. This helps stimulate conversation about the brand and eventually increase sales. When given as a gift with purchase, customers will feel they get more out of their purchase. Thus, they are more likely to support your brand over other. If yo need more design inspiration, do take a look at these custom printed umbrellas:


  • Storm Umbrella: Now this is no ordinary umbrella. Strong winds can turn umbrellas inside out and this could be a scary experience for many. But this umbrella solves this problem. What’s more, this could be a great redemption item with apparel and other rain gear.


  • Sweater: Rewarding customers with branded sweaters could help in raising awareness about your brand beyond shop floors. How? Wearable promotional items work as mobile advertisements, thus, broadening your market reach. And wearing them creates to-of-mind awareness because not only are they practical, but they also become an integral part of their personal life.


Our Takeaways…

123…by Ella certainly succeeded in promoting their brand and boosting sales by offering practical marketing gifts. If you want to achieve the same level of success, customize your seasonal promotional products to make them suitable for your brand image.

If you want to really stand out, increase sales, and get your brand out there through custom promotional products, seasonal gifts with purchase, and custom retail merchandise, contact The ODM Group. We also help in designing promotional product packaging as well as POS displays and branded retail displays.


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Umbrellas are among the best outdoor promotional due to its design flexibility and practicality. And with eye-catching designs, you can make your message known to many people. To help you kickstart your marketing game, here are simple hacks for outdoor promotions using branded umbrellas.


This rain poncho keyring will ensure that your customers will never forget to bring their umbrellas on rainy days. Print your brand on the plastic ball and on the poncho to maximize brand visibility.


Here are different poncho and raincoat designs to choose from. Make sure to print your logo or brand name on the products for better brand exposure.


To ensure street safety especially at night, offer customers these umbrellas with built-in torch. The torch will help them see the road better, thereby keeping them safe. Thus, customers will appreciate this marketing gift and eventually associate your brand with cool and useful promotional products.