Christmas Promo Gift Idea for Wine Products: Knitted Bottle Sweater

It’s already late to order promotional products for Christmas this year from China but you can still buy stock items locally.  July-August is a good time to think of making something really special for clients, but its never too early to brainstorm for a  campaign.  ODM are sharing this creative Christmas promo gift idea for you.

Christmas Promo Gift Idea for Wine Products Knitted Bottle Sweater

Christmas Promo Gift Idea for Wine Products Knitted Bottle Sweater

Dress up your champagne, beer, and wine bottles with these cute branded bottle sweaters to make them stand out! With so many competitors in the wine industry, making a distinct mark can be challenging. As such, you need something to differentiate your brand from the rest.

This custom bottle sweater can help your brand performance in many ways. Here are some of the reasons you should use these promotional products for your campaign.

Branded Bottle Sweaters for Marketing

  • Customizable: These sweaters come in various sizes, colors and designs. Since they are customizable, you can use your own designs or logo so that buyers can easily identify your brand. These are perfect for beer, wine, and venue marketing. Below you’ll see a Hard Rock Cafe turtleneck bottle sweater. It’s adorable and knitted with utmost care. Design is clear and noticeable.
Christmas Promo Gift Idea for Wine Products Knitted Bottle Sweater

Christmas Promo Gift Idea for Wine Products Knitted Bottle Sweater

  • Stylish: This one with Beaumont written on the front features shorter sleeves. It’s smaller and will work well with small bottles. The other sweaters feature longer sleeves and Christmas designs. These sweaters will also work well with other projects and events such as anniversary promos, thanksgiving, Halloween or New Years.
Christmas Promo Gift Idea for Wine Products Knitted Bottle Sweater

Christmas Promo Gift Idea for Wine Products Knitted Bottle Sweater

  • Durable and Reusable: Made from quality knitted yarn, all these bottle sweaters are washable and reusable. With proper care, this product can last for years. As such, this will ensure greater brand exposure.

If you want to truly stand out, we suggest adding a twist to your marketing gifts. Explore various styles using different materials. Aside from sweaters, you may also want to try creating knitted caps to match the sweaters. Matching scarves will also add a Christmasy feel to your promotional activity.

Who Can Use this Christmas Promo Gift?

As mentioned above, it’s ideal for marketing beverage and promoting bars and restaurants. You can use it for on-pack promotions together with your wine product. This can help build brand identity, stronger brand recognition, and increased sales.

Venues can also develop a pwp campaign alongside their beer or any beverage product to generate more sales.

It’s a fun and unique way to introduce your brand to new customers. Therefore, using it as a GWP item or trade show giveaways will give your brand a competitive advantage.

If you love to have these unique promotional products for Christmas next year, speak with ODM today. Our product designers at Mindsparkz can help develop original designs for your company.

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How can The ODM Group help?

As a promotional marketing agency with many years of experience, we can assist you in finding the best promotional products for your company. Additionally, we have a sister company named Mindsparkz, a creative design agency who can cater to all of your design needs. If you are looking for promotional products for Christmas or any other promotional products, why not contact us at ODM? If you are interested to look for other interesting promotional products, you can view our blogs here.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What other Christmas promotional items can I roll out?

You can roll out any product for Christmas. Some examples include branded bottles, custom bowls, T-shirts, webcam covers and even scented candles. They are all suitable as Christmas promotional items.

How does Christmas promotional items allow for increased brand awareness?

Promotional items that are branded allow for higher brand visibility. This is especially for promotional products that have high usability for your customers.

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