ODM is back from the Hong Kong Wine & Spirits fair full with new ideas for new promotional gifts. One of the interesting drinks promotional items we spotted was an on pack promotional gift. These golden top hats for champagne bottles! How cute are they?

On pack gift idea – champagne bottle hat

How does Offering an On-Pack Promotion Benefit?

This small on-pack promotional gift can make a big impact for your brand. With the large champagne industry, this on-pack promotion can help your brand of champagne stand out from competition. In marketing efforts, unique visual appeals makes a company stand out. It reflects on the perceived quality and appeal to your brand and its products. Having an on-pack promotion or gift with purchase adds purchasing value to your products, giving customers all the more reason to pick yours over others.

On-pack promotions such as the champagne bottle hat is a popular drinks promotions.

This is because ……


Good news, on-pack promotions for drinks are easily customisable! You are not limited to the design of a golden top hat for your champagne bottle. Designs can range from seasonal events such as Christmas themes, birthdays, or even designs to match your limited editions champagne bottles. Step out of the box of top hats to bottle sweaters or scarfs. The possibilities are endless!

Great Gifts

Parties and event definitely comes to mind when I think of popping a bottle champagne. Champagne and drinks in general make great gifts for parties, events and many occasions. A bottle of champagne that comes with an on-pack promotion like the bottle toppers adds value to the gift a customer want to buy. In comparison to a regular champagne bottle, shoppers will definitely choose yours over others displayed on the shelf!


The low production of these drinks on-pack promotions makes them highly sought after. Companies have a lower marketing budget for an efficient promotional campaign that can boost sales. In addition they are typically easy to manufacture and customise to your brand.

Brand Recognition

To add to the value of your promotion, you have the option to imprint your brand name or logo. When these on-pack promotions comes with your champagne bottle, once your drink is empty and thrown away, the promotional product stays. Adorable and miniture products like the bottle topper can become something a customers would want to keep or even collect as a loyal customer! Brand recognition and memory goes beyond the lifespan of your bottled product.

How can ODM Help

We are a promotional products agency that specialises in high-quality drinks promotional merchandise, and custom drinks packaging for drinks companies globally. Our sister company, Mindsparkz is a full service design industry that has years of experience in the designing of drinks promotional products. If you are interested in boosting your business with promotional merchandise, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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