From Vodka to Tequila, many drinks around the world are consumed by people in the form of shots. But shot glasses aren’t just useful for partiers. When they are a gift with purchase they are also an extremely effective marketing tool. Therefore, your branded shot glass needs to have packaging that is not only going to protect your glass, but attract customers.

Key benefits of a branded shot glass as an on pack gift:

  • Increased brand exposure
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • They make great gifts for drink lovers
  • Boosted sales
Branded Shot Glass

Branded Shot Glass

Here we can see Jägermeister’s branded shot glass, beautifully packaged in a group of 3.  Assembled alongside a bottle of the famous German drink. The packaging takes its colour scheme from the bottle itself and is unmistakably Jägermeister. These branded shot glasses are a brilliant promo gift for a number of reasons. We also love their simple packaging.

Branded Shot Glass

Branded Shot Glass

Why We love Jägermeister’s Branded Shot Glass And It’s Packaging:


Firstly, the quality of the box is evident straight away. The cardboard is sturdy and the colours are vivid. The gold print, in contrast to the dark green, creates a real sense of quality and draws the customer in. Also, the plastic window means customers can see exactly what they are purchasing.  This will reassure them that the product is of high quality. The shot glasses themselves are expertly branded with the famous stag.


Adding the ‘Travellers’ exclusive’ tagline means buyers will feel they won’t get another chance to purchase the package, pushing a sale. This is a great form of buying incentive and will be effective in encouraging consumers to purchase your branded shot glass.


Jägermeister have chosen to produce a stainless steel branded shot glass. This is unusual, so will stand out to consumers alongside other companies glasses. It also means the packaging needn’t be as strong as it would for a glass shot glass. This makes the packaging cheaper. When making your branded shot glasses we would recommend laser etching or acid etching, to ensure long lasting prints.

Value for the customer

Offering customers more than just one glass with your bottle will ensure they feel they are gaining a lot of extra value! Often these promotional products are bought as gifts, and consumers want to ensure they are giving their loved ones the best gift possible.

In conclusion, there are a number of lessons that we can take away from Jägermeister’s branded shot glass. Before creating your own branded shot glass and packaging, you should consider the Quality, Exclusivity, Materials and how to Add Value for your customers. This may sound like a lot, but don’t worry, at ODM we can ensure your shot glasses meet all of your expectations.


What We Can Do For You

We can design bespoke shot glasses and custom packaging design. Feel free to contact ODM, our experienced team will assist you with everything from designing and costing to planning and manufacturing. We will come up with inventive and high quality solutions that your customers will love.


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