Let’s admit it, gift with purchase campaigns are always a sure-fire hit with customers. People love the idea and feeling that they get something out from their regular purchases. Therefore, it is safe to say that you will never go wrong with marketing giveaways. But before you create your own promo gift, you must know the appropriate item for your brand. In our case study today, we have a promotional shot glass from Hornitos Cristalino, a good tequila brand. Hornitos Cristalino knows that tequila is best served using a shot glass, therefore, the pairing just makes perfect sense.  Also, the great packaging adds an extra “premium feel” to the whole ensemble.

Promotional Shot Glass: 3 Reasons Why This Campaign Works

Promotional Shot Glass: 3 Reasons Why This Campaign Works

Hornitos Promotional Shot Glass As An On Pack Promo

When we talk about tequila, we automatically associate it with shot glasses. Hornitos knows that the best way to market their product is through items that are useful to their products. So, branding the shot glass with their logo is the best move for the brand…

The promotional branded glass is wrapped alongside a bottle of Hornitos Cristalino. The smart packaging design allows customers to easily see the contents of the on-pack gift conveniently. Furthermore, the packaging is made from cardboard which is easy to customise and produce.

3 Reasons Why This Campaign Works?

  • Useful Promotional Gift – As mentioned, customers love receiving free items from brands, especially useful ones. As such, this promotional shot glass will always be present when the customer opens a bottle of Hornitos Cristalino. Basically, the brand is exposed when the shot glass is in use.
  • Great Marketing Potential – Customers will see the brand every time they use the promotional shot glass from Hornitos Cristalino. And when the party gets bigger, more people will see the branded shot glass which is beneficial for the brand. Also, if you want to go big, sponsor concerts and use these shot glasses when serving your drink.
  • Customisable – Lastly, the item is highly customisable. Aside from printing your logos, you may also change the design and material of the shot glasses. You may have a glow in the dark print or a colourful glass. Either way, it depends on your creativity on how you present your promotional products.

Drink Brands That Uses Various Glasses As  Marketing Gift

In this set, customers receive items that complement each other. Pour the Stella Artois into the glass and voila! You’ve got yourself a brilliant combo. Also, the shape of the wine glass makes it perfect for other types of alcoholic drinks.

Unique product and promo gift generate more sales since the brand exceeds the customer’s expectations. With their logo and other related information branded on the custom beer glass, consumers certainly become more interested in what other marketing campaigns San Miguel have in store for shoppers.

Designers can always get creative when it comes to design. The mug provides adequate space for branding. As you may have noticed with Tiger’s GWP mug, the branding is all over the sides. It’s very visible especially if there’s beer in it. The contrast makes it very easy to see. Also, the design doesn’t need to be too much. A simple logo on the mugs may already provide a positive impact on the clients.

Suggestion To Make The Promotion Even Better

Use a POS display – if you may have noticed, the on-pack item sits on a generic store shelf with the other products. We highly suggest using catchy POS display units to further reel in more customer towards the product.

In conclusion, a good promotional product is something that complements your products and is useful to your customers. So, if you’d like to create your very own promotional shot glass, feel free to contact us anytime. Our friendly team is always ready to answer all your queries.

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