It looks like L’Oréal Men just released their new trendy marketing gift set which is named “active sport”. By buying this trendy promotional gift set including a moisturizer and a deodorant customers will get a free custom printed towel save £10.


custom printed towel

custom printed towel

How Custom Printed Towel Could Improve L’Oréal Men’s Sales?

  • Practicality: A custom printed towel is something very useful, I guess that you are using one every day, am I right? This is a good strategy because it is better to offer a product that customers can use daily. What’s more, the on pack offer go well together with the other items in the package. Since everyone uses a towel after showering or during a workout, its practical value, raises the products’ relevance.


  • Merchandise Packaging Design Inspires Trust: The transparent part of the packaging of this trendy promotional gift set is a good thing because it allows the customer to see what the products looks like, especially the main products and the custom printed towel. It builds trust so customers will be more willing to purchase this on-pack promotion. Moreover, this packaging is for men and it is looking very masculine with the use of one of the 4 powerful elements, the water.


  • Customer Retention: Of course, you want to offer a wonderful deal to your target audience! That’s why it is important for a company to offer more than its competitors. Also, consumers will be happier because they will receive a 3-piece set of grooming products for the price of one. With this they can save more because buying these 3 items separately could be a bit pricier.


In conclusion, L’Oreal was able to increase sales and reinforce customer trust by giving away a custom printed towel. It’s practical and can be used daily, thereby extending brand visibility beyond retail stores.


Our Takeaway …

If you want to boost your business by creating attractive and trendy product packaging and using promotional promotional products feel free to contact us. Our team has an extensive experience in marketing and manufacturing to help you develop the pack offer you always dreamed!


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