This in-store marketing idea by Aussie Winter Miracle shampoo is an excellent example of a simple, yet effective promotional product packaging. The box reflects their brand message and appeals to their target audience.

Promotional Product Packaging by Aussie Winter Miracle Draws Attention

Promotional Product Packaging by Aussie Winter Miracle Draws Attention

In order to grab the attention of shoppers from the get go, it is crucial to put extra effort in your presentation. Here, we will share how Aussie Winter Miracle’s custom retail packaging helped set their brand apart from competitors.

Why We Love this Promotional Product Packaging

  • Visual Impact: Holiday themed packaging of Aussie Winter Miracle is suitable for the Holidays. Furthermore, the packaging makes the products gift-ready, ideal for busy Christmas shoppers.
  • Witty Text: “Let it Flow, Let it Flow, Let it Flow” alludes to a famous Christmas jingle, while also implying that their shampoo will keep hair smooth and frizz-free even in the winter. It is witty and at the same time remarkable. This also adds to the overall visual appeal of the product.
  • Budget Friendly On-Pack Promotion: This on-pack promotion contains a bottle of shampoo, miracle oil, a deep treatment winter remedy, and a pair of branded socks. This saves shoppers time and money as the gift set has all the essential items in one box. Customers will love the practicality of the gift set as well as the convenience of having all their favorite products in one place.
  • Branded Socks: We love this plum color promotional socks by Aussie Winter Miracle. The gift with purchase socks are ideal for the cold season and customers will appreciate the thought! The socks can be used long after the hair care products have been consumed, gaining the brand day to day exposure. This way, customers will keep the brand top of mind every time they use the freebies.

In Conclusion…

With so many products along the crowded gondola shelf, having a well-designed custom retail packaging is important to stand out. The giveaway socks also augmented the campaign as they add variety to the gift set.

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