Bulldog was able to maximize their marketing impact with their cool customer giveaways. The UK-based skincare brand for men put together a fantastic gift set in their previous campaign. The skincare set, which includes a moisturiser, face wash, and face scrub, are all contained inside a gift with purchase bag.

Customer Giveaways by Bulldog Skincare Set with Branded Bag

Customer Giveaways by Bulldog Skincare Set with Branded Bag

We have mentioned in our previous blogs that promotional cosmetic pouch and bags are cosmetics brands’ favorite marketing gifts. This is because such items are very practical and versatile. Furthermore, they offer numerous branding and marketing opportunities.

Why Gift with Purchase Bags Are Excellent Customer Giveaways?

Customer Giveaways by Bulldog Skincare Set with Branded Bag

Customer Giveaways by Bulldog Skincare Set with Branded Bag

  • Material and Color: The color makes it suitable for men while the canvas fabric ensures durability and longevity of the promotional product. It is simple, yet classy- something that men will be proud to carry around.
  • Brand Visibility: In our example, the sewn-in tag in each custom pouch are small, but is noticeable. It does not flake or chip, thereby ensuring long-lasting brand exposure. Furthermore, their custom sleeve packaging is eye-catching and it perfectly complemented the brown bag. It bore their logo and the photo of their skincare products so that customers can see what products they will be getting.
  • Packaging: Using the bag as their packaging also helped increase the perceived value of their products. With this, customers need not look around the store for a pouch bag. Moreover, it saves them a trip down the supermarket alley as they have the basic grooming items in one utility bag- saving them time and energy.
  • Practical: They can use their branded men’s toiletry kit for storing other grooming essentials long after the products have been consumed. As customers use their skin care products, they will then associate the brand with cool customer giveaways.

Why Use a Gift with Purchase Cosmetic Bag?

Putting together a simple gift set may be one of the best ways to boost your promotions. In addition, the practicality and functionality of a gift with purchase bag can help pull in more customers. But this idea is nothing new, and one of the brands that found success in this strategy is L’Occitane.

Here, L’Occitane, a famous French cosmetic brand, offered a collection of fantastic skin and hair care products along with a free cosmetic bag. Unlike Bulldog’s bag, it’s made with plastic, which makes it great for travels.

To boost your campaign, we suggest employing other marketing tactic. Using a POS display can improve your brand’s visual impact. A video display exhibiting the benefits of your products may also help introduce your brand to potential customers.

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