Clinique is offering gift set as promotional giveaways for their customers once again! Simply purchase $25 worth of Clinique products and you are entitled to this seven-piece gift set for free. Hurry make your purchase online now to make sure you do miss out on this opportunity!

Take a look at this brightly coloured cosmetic pouch that comes along with some Clinique products as gift set!

Brighten Up Your Cosmetic Pouch with Clinique’s Gift Set

Brighten Up Your Cosmetic Pouch with Clinique’s Gift Set

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How will gift set help boost sales?

People tend to be attracted to gift sets as promotional giveaways than a single product. With this gift set offered to Clinique customers, their sales would definitely be increased. This gift set would be able to act as an incentive to encourage purchases.

Clinique customers are able to receive some Clinique sample products and a cosmetic pouch along with these items. To add on, they are also able to choose the colour they prefer for their eyeshadow and lipstick! What a fun gift set that Clinique is offering.

Offering useful gift items

People love promotional gift items that are useful and have an attractive appearance. This cosmetic pouch is definitely one that would be able to catch the attention of Clinique customers, enticing them to make purchases. They can use this cosmetic pouch not only to store their make up accessories but anything else. Furthermore, this pouch can be used for a long time, as it is durable and lasting. With the brightly coloured appearance of the cosmetic pouch, it is definitely eye-catching. An outstanding and pretty appearance pouch would be able to attract more sales.


Branding is essential in creating brand awareness for your company. By branding your promotional products to give out to your customers, other people would be able to notice your brand name when they come across the pouch users. Clinique has made use of this marketing strategy to help boost their sales by engraving their company name on the zipper tag of the cosmetic pouch. Even though it is quite small, it is prominent for others to view the brand logo. So, remember to brand your promotional items before giving them out to your customers to enhance brand loyalty!