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Work From Home Gifts

Reaching out to your customers

Now that consumers are spending more time in their households, it is important to accommodate to their new lifestyle. Customers are now less inclined to spend time outside of their homes, so much so that working from home is now a common reality.

We recommend adapting your promotional strategy around this trend, because it is where your customers will find value in your campaign.

It will definitely help your company express their support for the people who are shifting their work environments to the comfort of their homes.

Items like webcam covers, essential office items and high-utility household items are in demand, prompting more people to re-connect with things that can keep them occupied at home.

Personalizing these easily customizable items gives value to your company because it helps boost your brand image and awareness.

The Art of Giving Back

We all know that the employees are practically the backbone of a company. Which is why companies invest in a good human resource system to ensure quality for the welfare of their workers – as much as they would on their customers.

Work from home survival kits are a great way to show your workers that you care for them and that they are comfortable with working from home.

Again, these shifts in working lifestyles has not been easy for many. While we re-connect with clients, let’s make sure that we keep the very people in our own workforce in check. It is a company’s obligation that it keeps their workers productive and happily employed.

Custom Web Cam Covers
Work From Home Survival Kits
Custom Webcam Covers

How can ODM help?

For starters, we’ve written an entire blog on some of the items that you can be easily personalized for your work from home survival kits. We hope that you can find inspiration from our compilation of gift ideas to choose from. Alternatively, we’re also open to helping you develop your idea for a work from home gift idea. With over 17 years of experience, we are able to design and produce close to everything that your company will need to develop a new product idea.

Do not hesitate to contact us with a inquiries, or send us a detailed quote of your next project. We hope to hear from you soon. On behalf of the ODM Group, we urge you to stay safe and stay at home.

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How does the company benefit by work from survival kits?

Work from home survival kits is a great way to show your workers that you care for them and make them comfortable working from home. This may benefit the company from retaining the employees and in turn increase productivity.

How does customising help your organisation?

Personalizing these easily customizable items gives value to your company because it helps boost your brand image and awareness.

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