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Co-Branded Merchandise

Understanding Co-Branding

There are so many benefits to collaborate with other brands. The brand alliance will allow your brand to be associated with another established brand name. This can help your business reach to a target market that the partner brand satisfies.

Co-branding is a marketing strategy used by several different brand names to form an alliance. It helps promote their brand awareness and also allows the brand to be associated to a brand image.

Co-branding can take the form of sponsored events. For example, Nike sponsoring the NBA League attire.

It can also take the form of having an endorsement deal. In the same context as Nike, their huge endorsement with Michael Jordan.

Not limited to others, it sometimes take the form of licensed franchises. These are corporate franchises that license the use of their brand name – such as the Hello Kitty Intellectual Property (IP) to be used as a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy.

How can ODM help?

The ODM Group has over 17 years of work experience in the promotional products industry. We can help you personalize design and manufacturing promotional products you need to facilitate your next marketing campaign.

If you interested to learn more, contact us or send us a detailed quote of your next project.

Branded Sports Merchandise
Branded Sports Merchandise
Branded Sports Merchandise

What is Co-Branding?

Co-Branding is a strategy that involves multiple brands utilizing goods and services. It can be also termed as collaboration, partnerships, etc.

Benefits of Co-Branding?

It helps promote their brand awareness and also allows the brand to be associated with a brand image.

Why ODM?

At ODM we have significant experience in product design, sourcing, and manufacturing. We can help you with your marketing budgets effectively.

Here are some case studies we wrote on Co-Branding :

1. McDonald’s GWP – Olympic Coke Glass

As the London 2012 Olympic Games is approaching, McDonald’s is introducing a gift with purchase promotion in Hong Kong. For every up-sized value meal purchased, customers will receive a London 2012 Olympic Coca-Cola Glass!

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2. Licensed Product – Characters from Tobyhk Workshop

Are you familiar with these characters designed by Toby Yueng? The Hong Kong brand, tobyhk, had collaboration events with famous names like Volkswagen, DISNEY, STARBUCKS, KAPPA, VANS, L’OREAL,
CIAK, Giordano, Quiksilver, rody and WWF.

Below are the characters series developed by the brand…

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Licensed Characters


Promotional bags are used habitually with all types of brands due to the all-encompassing nature of the product. Although, this particular blog focus will be on Hello Kittys use of promotional gifts, included with this bag purchase.

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Licensed Characters


In keeping with the ever growing hype for the imminent release of the new Star Wars, Sunings Hong Kong are offering Star Wars promotional merchandise as gift with purchases and purchase with purchase. Such promotion is to be expected for a franchise as big as Star Wars, and we have seen this before for the marketing of the Minions movie.

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Licensed Characters

5. GWP France – The Simpsons School Stationery

Quick, one of the biggest chains of fast-food restaurant in France, is currently running a really cool promotional campaign by offering licensed characters promotional gifts from “The Simpsons” TV show!

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Licensed Characters


Avengers End Game is one of the most awaited films to ever grace the silver screen. Therefore, brands would love to take part in this movie franchise’ success. In our case study today, we see Petron Fuels, a Philippine-based gas company collaborates with the Avengers brand to create their very own custom travel mug.

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Licensed Characters
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