As the London 2012 Olympic Games is approaching, McDonald’s is introducing a gift with purchase promotion in Hong Kong. For every up-sized value meal purchased, customers will receive a London 2012 Olympic Coca-Cola Glass!

McDonald’s Promotional Gift – London 2012 Olympic Coke Glass

This partnership between 2 corporate giants, London 2012 and Coca-Cola, would definitely help increase the perceived value of the glass. With 6 vibrant colours to choose from, the Olympic Coke Glass is bound to entice customers to frequent McDonald’s in order to collect all the designs. As such, this would definitely boost sales for the fast food chain!

Furthermore, co-branding also helps in raising brand awareness and enhances brand reminder for all brands effortlessly! Start brainstorming and branding your promotional items now! Please feel free to contact ODM should you need any assistance.

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