Branded produce is a great way to increase profit for your company. Magners, the cider company have utilized this with a branded glass, used as a gift with purchase. The benefits of this extend beyond directly increasing sales. Brand activation can also be achieved with a promotional product like this, the benefits of which trickle down through all aspects of your business.

Branded Glass by Magners - Gift With Purchase

Branded Glass by Magners – Gift With Purchase

Gifts with purchase are a sure way to directly increase profitability through increased sales. This is because of the added value a gift brings to the product. However when the product is branded, the benefits are even greater. Gifts are used and remembered by your consumers, kept for a long time. This is especially true with a branded glass. A gift like this used on a daily basis certainly improves brand awareness and activation.

Less Obvious Benefits to a Branded Glass

  • Customer Retention – When you consumers are delighted, they are bound to return to your brand to buy. A branded glass as a gift with purchase adds value in a way that does this.
  • Word of Mouth Marketing – A delighted consumer will spread word of there satisfaction with a purchase, indirectly increasing sales. Below the line marketing like this is a great way to increase sales through this medium.
  • Impulse Purchases – Uses a branded glass as a gift with purchase like this is a good way to increase impulse purchases, consumers walking buy your display/product are likely to see the gift on the shelf. Enhancing shelf visibility, adding value and ultimately leading to the impulse buy. This benefit also leads to brand activation through ways aforementioned.

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