When you invite a few friends over for a drink, it is common to have a few glasses at one place. You and your friends easily lose track of who has been drinking out of which glass. To eliminate this guessing game, you can easily differentiate and identify your glass with the silicon glass marker easily. This promotional item is great as a gift with purchase!

The silicon glass marker is definitely the right gift with purchase for any beer company. With this beer glass marker, your customers will never lose track of their own glass. Simply attach the silicon glass marker onto the glass, which it stays using the suction force. With a different silicon glass marker, people would be able to identify their drink. Read on to find out how you can make this silicon glass marker an effective gift with purchase.

Gift with Purchase -Silicon Glass Marker

Gift with Purchase -Silicon Glass Marker

What makes an effective gift with purchase?

Research has indicated that the most successful promo product involves a strong element of creativity. Some of the creative promotional gifts include these bottle glorifiers. Therefore, it is essential for companies to stand out from the crowd with creative and unique designs.

Consider using your company logo as the shape of the glass marker! This adds on to the exclusivity of your gift with purchase. Most importantly, it boosts brand recall whenever customers use it to mark their glass. Beer companies such as tiger beer can use their tiger logo to differentiate the company from the rest.

Not only so, colours are also a great way to grab consumers’ attention, it is best to use bright colours to attract the attention of young consumers. Alternatively, use the color of your company logo. You may also want to choose more than one color to differentiate the different glass markers.

Benefits of the silicon glass markers as a gift with purchase

In cases of parties that involve a larger group of people, the exposure of the glass markers helps to raise awareness of the brand. Potential customers can easily recognise the brand and be reminded which brand to go for when it is their turn to buy a drink.