Promotional events will not be complete without marketing gift. An event can take a lot of resources. This includes time, money and energy. But how much has this event impacted your customers? A marketing gift will make your events more memorable. It helps the customer to remember your brand positively. Here we have an example of a merchandise that night events like pub crawls can use.

Marketing Gift - Beer x Shot Glass for Promotional Events

Marketing Gift – Beer x Shot Glass for Promotional Events

Increasing Brand Awareness using Marketing Gift

This is an innovative product that is not readily available in the market. You can only purchase this merchandise online at a fairly high price. You can use this glass for beer, or you can flip it for shots. It definitely has high perceived value. Branding an innovative product like this with your logo can increase your brand image.

Depending on the package, pub crawls usually offer free welcome drinks. For instance Boracay pub crawl offers 10 free drinks from the different pubs. They give away a T-shirt and a shot glass. The participants are required to wear this T-shirt and use the shot glass when claiming free drinks from the pubs. This way, the pubs can differentiate participants from regular customers.

Offering this marketing gift to participant not only makes the event exciting, it enforces brand awareness. This glass will draw much attention from the regular customers. This may entice them to participate for your events! Also, after the participants go back home, friends might find this high quality glass interesting. They may enquire where it comes from and this is when you enjoy free advertising.

First of all, they will be able to tell from your logo. Be sure you have your website or any form of contact details that traces back to your campaign. Secondly, participants will recall the events positively. They will recommend their friends to try it out. After all, word-of-mouth is very effective in increasing market share. Don’t you think this is a great promotional merchandise?