Sending corporate gift to your potential and existing client is one of method to promote you company. Pen, calendar are most common products because it is cheap and useful to a company. However, if you want to show your company characteristic, these items are definitely not the best option. Comparing to wooden puzzle, it is more unique and entertaining. Read more to see how wooden puzzle can be used as a corporate gift..

Corporate Gift Wooden Puzzle

Corporate Gift Wooden Puzzle

Using Wooden Puzzle as Corporate Gift

Wooden puzzle is a unique product with a lot of room for customization. For example, the puzzle in the picture above is printed with the company values – Effort, Attitude, Integrity. This shows your company characteristic and motto. This makes it easier for your client to remember your brand. This item will certainly enforce brand recall.

Ideally, when the client think of your brand, they will link you with those good qualities. Moreover, since you are not sending common gift to the client, it shows your creativity. This can contribute positively to your brand image. Besides that, it appears to be a tailor-made item for your client.

Not just promoting the company, this corporate gift serves as an entertainment item. Working in the office all day is tiring. Sometimes, the atmosphere in the office can easily makes a person feels tired. Enjoying a wooden puzzle can ease the boredom and let their minds relax for a while. Additionally, the difficulty of the puzzle can be customized according to your preference. But beware not to make it too difficult. After all, this item is supposed to release tension, not to add additional stress.

Alternatively, you can use an environmentally friendly material. This shows a good corporate social responsibility. Consumers these days are very conscious about the environment. Using this kind of material will entice more people to use your brand. With this you can increase your market share.

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