As digital devices continue to become more integral to modern business practices, the need to keep these products charged does too. With this unique corporate gift, your client’s days of worrying about devices running out of battery at crucial moments are over.

Unique Corporate Gift

Unique Corporate Gift

Power banks: a practical and unique corporate gift:

Eye-catching design: The design is perhaps the most notable aspect of this power bank. The marble design will catch the attention of your audience and leave a positive lasting impression. This pattern is crafted using an innovative printing method which creates the marble and crystal look.

Convenient: With this unique corporate gift, your clients will not have to worry about their phones going flat just when needed most. This is conducive to a working environment, where your client is likely to be on the move and finding a power outlet often proves difficult.

High capacity: The powerful battery has a 2000MAH capacity. To that end, this is enough for a full charge of a standard smartphone device.

User-friendly: With a metal ring and no buttons, this product’s simple interface ensures that it can be enjoyed by anybody. The charger also shows how much battery the charger holds.

Branding opportunity: This power bank is an ideal product to print your brand’s logo onto. The marble design can also be customized to match your business’ colors or can be produced in neutral shades to make the logo stand out.

Unique Corporate Gift

Unique Corporate Gift

As can be seen, this practical promo gift is an excellent way to mark the start of the year. Consider gifting a power bank to show appreciation for clients and creating a positive brand image.

Are you searching for a corporate gift for your clients or employees? Do you think this portable charger would be of interest to them? Feel free to contact us today and quote ODM-2387.

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