The key to customer activation- engaging in-store displays that present the products in a very pleasing manner. The Vietnam team came across a custom liquor display by Chivas, and they surely caught our attention.

Custom Liquor Display

Custom Liquor Display

Chivas’ display frames the products very well and the LED light highlighted the brand name, compelling customers to look and take one of their offered drinks. The dominant color, royal blue, gives off a high class vibe, which suits the brand very well. Such display could instantly command attention especially when placed near the checkout counter, which is why we feel this is a great example of an effective drinks POS display.

Here are some of the things things that we like about this store drinks display:


What do we like about Custom Liquor Displays?

  • Prominent: Chivas’ Custom Liquor Display is very visible to customers. This makes for a good first point of contact for Chivas to any potential customers. Having a prominent display will thus make customers gravitate to your products, as it would be the first thing they see.
  • Customizable: You can customize such displays in many ways to fit each individual company’s needs. For example, you can fit the display with LED, as Chivas has done, to make it look more prominent. You can also custom-fit the size of the display to make sure that the products sit securely on the shelf. There are many things that you can do with this type of display, which is why we like it
  • Exclusivity: With such displays, your brand need not compete with shelf space. This helps effectively bring a customer’s attention to your products, and away from any competing brands. This would also benefit your company, as the customer might purchase your product upon first sight.
Custom Liquor Display

Custom Liquor Display

Tips to Boost Your Drinks Promotions

Aside from using a custom liquor display, there are many other promotional tool that your company can use to help broaden your customer base.

  • Gift with Purchase: Your company can use a gift with purchase to drive customers to purchase your products. A complimentary gift with purchase is effective, as customers will feel like they are getting more value for money. Give them something that they can use along with your drinks such as a custom drinking cup, a bowl or a custom ceramic plate for appetizers.
  • Branded Merchandise: Your company can also sell merchandise, such as custom shaped ice trays that are branded with the company logo.
  • In Pack Offer/On Pack Offer: Like gifts with purchases, using an in pack offer or on pack offer will help to increase your product value, and thus attract more customers to purchase your products. When they get something for free every time they open the box, customers will feel they are being rewarded. Moreover, using such scheme will get customers excited for your upcoming promotions.

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