This practical in pack offer definitely caught our attention once we were inside the coop mart in Ho Chi Minh City! To promote their ‘Balancing Shower Gel’, Enchanteur Naturelle is currently offering a complimentary promotional towel for every purchase of the bottle. Using such promotional tool is a great way to attract the attention of both existing and new customers. Hence, this is highly effective in boosting retail sales.

In Pack Offer by Enchanteur Naturelle

In Pack Offer by Enchanteur Naturelle

We especially love their brand packaging design. The cut out window on the custom product packaging will allow customers to view the interior and know that they are receiving a gift with purchase. As a result, they will be instantly tempted to buy the product.

Why we love this Practical In Pack Offer? 

  • Practical: The 2 items in the pack complement each other. Everyone uses a towel after showering.
  • Added Value: Consumers will perceive it to be more expensive to buy these 2 items individually. Hence, consumers are encouraged to buy above their intended budget. This will, in turn, boost the company’s sales.
  • Boosting Sales: Offering a free gift will allow brand to differentiate from rival companies offering similar products. Consumers tend to compare between similar products. Therefore, this exclusive promotional package will be effective in sealing the deal for the consumers.

All in all, the list of benefits are exhaustive for in pack promotions! Practical in pack promo gift is a cheap alternative to value add and boost sales. Feel free to contact us today! Here at ODM, we have a professional team of designers and manufacturers to meet your needs. If you are also interested in POS display, ODM has dedicated a comprehensive lists to it.

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