Let’s check out an on-pack promotion idea from Nissin Cup Noodles. It offered a pack of different flavors of cup noodles, chips, and a branded promotional flask as on pack gift.

Promotional Flask - On-Pack Promo Gift From Nissin Cup Noodles

Promotional Flask – On-Pack Promo Gift From Nissin Cup Noodles

Why We Like This On-Pack Promotion Idea From Nissin Cup Noodles?

  • Transparent cover –  Packaging with transparent cover allows customers to know what flavor the brand is promoting. This blog “Promotional Product Packaging by Aussie Winter Miracle Draws Attention” explains the benefits of using beautiful packaging in retail.
  • Color of packaging – Red is a bright and warm color and it draws attention to the product. Because it means passion and action, people usually get a positive energy from it. It motivates customers to buy the products right away.
  • Packaging material – The packaging is made from cardboard, which is cheap to produce, easy to recycle, and eco-friendly. For different packaging material, do read ” Multiple Solutions for Custom Packaging Materials.” It explains the types of packaging materials and its benefits.
  • Instruction and specification – On the packaging, are the specifications and instructions for using the thermal bottle. They are written in English and Chinese so that local and foreign customers will be able to understand.
Promotional Flask - On-Pack Promo Gift From Nissin Cup Noodles

Promotional Flask – On-Pack Promo Gift From Nissin Cup Noodles

Why We Like Nissin’s Promotional Flask?

  • Shareable – On-pack promotion gives a reason for customers to share the product with family or friends. As such, this helps to advertise the brand through word-of-mouth. This also helps inrease sales.
  • Valuable – Nissin Cup Noodles’ promotional flask is a sleek metallic thermos with logo on the bottom part. It looks very appealing. High quality gifts can convince customers to make a purchase.
  • Loyalty– A valuable promotion will push customer to buy more than they actually need. It encourages customers to come and buy again. We could say that the promotion allows interaction between customers and the company.

Nissin’s promotional pack  makes shopping convenient for customers because everything they need can be found in one box. Advertising your brand with on-pack promotions is a good marketing strategy that can help your brand build loyalty and increase sales. And we believe that this idea will benefit your business and customers!

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