Take a look at this Bold Perfume POS display for Hugo Boss’s Advertising campaign. POS displays are an excellent way to encourage customers to buy your product and increase sales. They also help to improve the overall image of your brand. With elaborate designs and bold colours you as a company can portray your brand in the best light. This is just what the display does.


Bold Perfume POS Display for Hugo Boss Advertising Campaign.

Bold Perfume POS Display for Hugo Boss Advertising Campaign.


Why We Love This Perfume POS Display for Hugo Boss.

  • We love the miniature versions of the perfume bottles, this is a brilliant and fun way for customers to see what your product is like.
  • The bold red and grey compliment each other and contribute to creating a unique design that stands out in the store.
  • Red is a powerful colour that evokes intense emotion. It signifies strength, which alludes to the strength and power of the brand.
  • The luminous light fixtures demand attention. They are key to getting your brand noticed in a busy store full of competing brands trying to catch the customers attention as well.
  • You can win a trip abroad, this a wonderful incentive to get customers to invest in your product. There is also celebrity endorsements. Celebrity endorsements are a proven effective way to dramatically increase sales.


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